Knowledge base

Abo-Khozium, M., H. Hassan, K. Shaalan, and M. Riad, "A Prototype for an Intelligent Information System for Jamming and Anti-jamming Applications of Electromagnetic Spectrum", Egyptian Informatics Journal, vol. 5, no. 2: Faculty of Comptuers and Information, pp. 116–135, dec, 2004. Abstractabo_khozaim.pdf

As the pace of modern battle has increased, headquarters and Electronic Warfare (EW) staff need to process increasing volumes of information in a decreasing amount of time. Assistance in this critical task is proposed by developing the Electronic Warfare Intelligent Information System (EWIIS) that deals with processing of electronic warfare, communications, radar, maps, war missions … etc. This system is aimed at achieving the best performance with a friendly system in spite of the existence of hostile actions. EWIIS deals with different sources of data. It helps visualize mission scenarios and suggests the best combination of weapons to successfully complete the mission with minimum loss.