* Family name: Soliman

* Name: Sameh

* Father’s Name: Farouk

* Date of birth: 24/08/1973

* Citizenship: Egyptian

* Personal Status: Married

* Certificates obtained:

1. The Distinguished B. A. Degree in the Classical Studies, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University 1996.

2. M. A. Degree in the Byzantine Literature with theme: “The Byzantine Hymnographical compositions in the liturgical books of the Coptic Orthodox Church” submitted and obtained from the Dept. of Byzantine Philology and Laography, Faculty of Philosophy, Athens University 2004 with general estimation: Excellent.

3. Ph. D. Degree in the Byzantine Literature with theme: “The Greek Literature in the Eastern provinces of Byzantium after the Arabic Conquests (650–850 AD.)”, submitted and obtained from the Dept. of Byzantine Philology and Laography, Faculty of Philosophy, Athens University 2007 with general estimation: Very good.

* Toefl Test Certificate with total score 527, 11/4/2009.


: Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Latin, English and Arabic.

* Other skills

: Using Computer and Internet.


: Assistant Professor of Byzantine Philology in the Dept. of Classical Studies, Faculty of Arts - Cairo University.


I spent four months visiting Tufts University in Massachusetts of the USA (from 1–11–2009 to 1–3–2010), working for Perseus Project and preparing for a broader collaboration of USA and Egyptian scholars.


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