Suzanne Estaphan was born in 1982. In 1999, she studied at the Faculty of Medicine,Cairo University (Cairo,Egypt). In November 2005, she got M.B.B.Ch with an excellent honors grade.

Currently Dr. Suzanne Estaphan is a lecturer of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine,Cairo University. She has got a Msc degree in Human Physiology in May 2012 with a very good grade. And she was granted her doctorate degree in Human Physiology in February 2015.

Dr. Estaphan is a Pediatrics specialist. Suzanne was offered a scholarship to study Pediatrics by Academy of Scientific Research And Technology. She was granted a Diploma degree in Pediatrics in May 2009 with a very good grade.

Suzanne Estaphan is an active researcher interested in studying the role of oxidative stress and inflammation in the physiology and the pathophysiology of several important medical conditions. 

Suzanne presented her scientific works in several international medical congresses: Oral poster presentation at the 11th Canadian critical care conference (CCCC, Whistler- February 2014); oral communication at the 12th World Congress on Neurohypophyseal hormones (WCNH, RIO DE JANEIRO- July 2017) …

Dr. Estaphan is passionate in teaching new generations. She has excellent skills to encourage student participation in class through careful observation and collection of teaching materials and engaging attitude.

And, to make various different channels of teaching, Suzanne is the owner of the official website of the Physiology Department Faculty of Medicine Cairo University and she is working on its development