Some Epidemiological Aspects of Fascioliasis Among Cattle of Ladakh

Kuchai, J. A., M. Z. Chishti, M. M. Zaki, D. M. S. A. Rasool, J. Ahmad, and H. Tak, "Some Epidemiological Aspects of Fascioliasis Among Cattle of Ladakh", Global Veterinaria, vol. 7, issue 4, pp. 342-346, 2011.


A total of 208 cattle were randomly selected among slaughter houses, household and livestock farms to determine the prevalence of fascioliasis. Epidemiological studies on fascioliasis of cattle were undertaken in such localities under different climatic conditions existing in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir State. Infection rate was 51.42%, 27.69% and 21.91% in slaughtered, livestock farm and household cattle, respectively. Significant variations were observed in the prevalence with respect to various host factors and the climate of the study area. Overall, the highest seasonal prevalence (45.19%) in all types of cattle was recorded during wet season while as only (24.40%) was recorded during the dry season. It was noticed that a higher infection rate was recorded in young cattle ages (0- 2 years) (40.02%) than in adult ones (28.04%) (3- 8 years). Moreover, the prevalence of infection in females was more (38.07%) than males (29.09%). It was also observed that the infection rate was high in comparatively low land areas (37.14%) as compared to high altitudes (30.09%). This study will provide necessary information regarding fascioliasis in cattle of Ladakh for their effective control and hence for a better production which will be beneficial resource to poor people where live stock rearing is one of the important sources of livelihood.



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