Preparation and Characterization of Some Aromatic/ Aliphatic Polyamides

Elsabee, M. Z., M. Nassar, and S. Elbegawy, "Preparation and Characterization of Some Aromatic/ Aliphatic Polyamides", American Journal of Polymer Science, 2011.


Aromatic diamine and phthaloyl chloride have been copolymerized using interfacial polymerization technique. Ethylene diamine (EDA) in 20, 30, and 40% and diamino butane (DAB) with the same molar ratio were used in addition to p-phenylene diamine to prepare polyamide with aliphatic components in the chain. The copolymers were characterized by FTIR Viscosity measurements were obtained in concentrated sulphuric acid.Thermogravimetric analysis and DrTGA showed that the thermal stability of the prepared polymers decreases by increasing of the ratio of the aliphatic diamines. The aliphatic content affects the crystallinity of the prepared polymers as was shown by X-ray diffraction measurements. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that the aliphatic components cause the copolymers to have a more homogeneous appearance with a different morphology.