Innervation of the Olfactory Apparatus of Varanus Niloticus (Squamata

Dakrory, A. I., "Innervation of the Olfactory Apparatus of Varanus Niloticus (Squamata", Journal of American Science, 2011.


The olfactory apparatus of Varanus niloticus niloticus includes the main olfactory organ and the vomeronasal organ or organ of Jacobson. The vomeronasal organ is innervated by two associated nerves: the terminal and the vomeronasal nerves. They arise from the sensory epithelium in combination. The terminal nerve carries a terminal ganglion. The nervi terminalis and vomeronasalis combine together as one separate nerve which leaves the cavity of the nasal capsule together with three bundles of the olfactory nerve through the fenestra olfactoria advehens.