Electrocatalytic oxidation of CO at Pt modified with manganese oxide nanorods

El-Deab, M. S., L. A. Kibler, and D. M. Kolb, "Electrocatalytic oxidation of CO at Pt modified with manganese oxide nanorods", Electrocatalysis, 2011.


CO oxidation at Pt anodes modified with manganese oxide nanorods (nano-MnOx/Pt) has been studied by cyclic and linear sweep voltammetry. Both CO adlayer stripping and oxidation of bulk CO are enhanced by nano-MnOx as compared to unmodified Pt electrodes. This is manifested by a negative shift of ca. 200 mV in the peak potential of CO adlayer stripping at the modified compared to the unmodified Pt surface. This enhancement is attributed to the catalytic -MnOOH single?mediation of manganese oxide nanorods (electrodeposited in a crystalline phase,) which supplies oxygen species at relatively low anodic potentials and thus facilitates the oxidation of CO to CO2. This finding sheds new light on the formic acid oxidation in the presence of MnOx, as the latter can remove CO efficiently from the Pt surface and hence prevents its de-activation.