Effect of Ginseng Extract Supplementation on Renal Functions in Diabetic Rats

Sawiress, F. A. R., "Effect of Ginseng Extract Supplementation on Renal Functions in Diabetic Rats", Journal of Agricultural Science, vol. 3, issue 2, 2011.


As incidence of diabetes is increasing worldwide, besides it is associated with complications, the present studyaimed to investigate the effect of a traditional botanical, ginseng on diabetes induced alterations in kidneyfunctions. Thirty male rats were used in the study by randomly allocating them into three groups, each of ten rats,namely the control group, diabetes group (D), and diabetes+ ginseng group (DG). The latter two groups wererendered diabetic by I/P injection of streptozotocin (50 mg/kg). Daily ginseng extract was administered orally 100( mg/kg BW), one week post streptozotocin (STZ) injection. Ninety days post STZ injection; rats weresacrificed, where serum and kidneys were obtained for determination of metabolic profile, serum electrolytes,kidney function tests, renal tissue enzymes, and renal antioxidant status, together with histopathology. Theobtained results revealed a modest improvement in metabolic profile due to ginseng extract administration.However, the kidney functions were greatly improved as evidenced by amelioration of urea nitrogen, creatinine,total protein concentrations and serum electrolytes. Also an increase was noted in renal tissue enzymes andantioxidants with a decrease in malondialdehyde and renal pathology. In conclusion, ginseng extract may be ofsupportive treatment to combat diabetes complications.



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