Conduction Mechanism nd Magnetic Behavior of Dysprosium Strontium Irongarnet (Dysrig) Nanocrystals

Ahmed, M. A., S. T. Bishay, and S. I. El-dek, "Conduction Mechanism nd Magnetic Behavior of Dysprosium Strontium Irongarnet (Dysrig) Nanocrystals", Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2011.


Garnet nanoparticles Dy2.8Sr0.2Fe5O12 (DySrIG) were prepared by citrate auto-combustion method and characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscope (TEM) and differential thermal analysis (DTA). The suitable formation of this garnet in single phase was at 1100oC with crystallite of size 95 nm. The Curie temperature of DySrIG is obtained at 610K. eff was calculated experimentally and?The effective magnetic moment theoretically and they are compatible with each other. The dielectric constant / increases from order 102 at room temperature to 104 at 850K passing by four? transition temperatures. The temperature dependence of the resistivity of DySrIG at different frequencies (f) 100kHz?f?5MHz indicates also the presence /?of 5 transition temperatures which are slightly different from those of data. The resistivity data are frequency independent at f<1MHz. The transition height is decreased by increasing the temperature from ? 5M?cm at 320K and 200kHz to ? 20?cm at 700K. Accordingly, Dy2.8Sr0.2Fe5O12 (DySrIG) is recommended for the use in phase shifter, circulators and microwave applications.