Biochemical studies on Plantago major L

Mohamed, I. Kobeasy, Osama, M. Abdel-Fatah, S. A. M. El-Salam, and Z. E. - O. M. Mohamed, "Biochemical studies on Plantago major L", International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation, 2011.


Plantago major (seeds and leaves) and Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (guar beans( were analyzed for general chemical components including, fatty acids and amino acids. Guar beans had high contents of proteins, fats and total hydrolysable carbohydrates. Plantago leaves high percentage of linolenic acid was characterized by 56.19%. While, P. major seeds and Guar beans had high percentages of linoleic acid (25.41 and 48.99%, respectively). Essential and non essential amino acids were present in all samples and Guar beans had high amounts of glutamic, arginine, aspartic and leucine. Total phenols, total flavonoids and tannin content were the highest in Plantago leaves.