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W.O.Younis, and S.H.Allam, "Relativistic Energy Levels and Transition Probabilities for the Al-Like Ions (Z = 33- 35)", International Review of Physics, 2011.
Hafez, Y., "Relationship Between Geopotential Height Anomalies Over NorthAmerica and Europe and the USA Landfall Atlantic Hurricanes Activity", Journal of American Science, 2011. Abstract

The present paper investigates the relationship between geopotential height anomalies at level of 500 hpa over North America and Europe, and the USA landfall Atlantic hurricanes activity. The decadal data of the number of hurricanes by category which stroked the mainland USA for each decade through the period (1851-2006) are used through the present study. The daily NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data composites for geopotential height at 500 hpa level over North America and Europe for the period of (1949-2006) are used too. Hurricane datasets and anomalies in geopotential height are analyzed and correlated together. The results revealed that there are significant positive correlations between the anomalies in geopotential height over North America and East Europe simultaneously, and existence of Atlantic hurricanes of category 3 that strike USA. In addition to that, significant positive correlations between the anomalies in geopotential height over North America and existence of major hurricanes (category 3, 4 and5) that landfall USA is found too. However, significant negative correlations between the anomalies in geopotential height over North Atlantic and existence of all USA Landfall Atlantic Hurricane categories are existed else category 1. In general one can conclude that anomalies in geopotential height at 500 hpa level over North America and Europe are control the USA landfall Atlantic hurricanes activity.[Yehia Hafez. Relationship Between Geopotential Height Anomalies Over North America and Europe and The USA Landfall Atlantic Hurricanes Activity.

Hassaneen, H. M., and O. M. N. A. M. Abunada, "Regioselectivity of Nitrilimines 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition: Novel Synthesis of Spiro[4,4]nona-2,8-dien-6-one Derivatives", Heteroatom Chem, 2011. Abstract

Regioselective 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of nitrilimines (generated in situ from dehydrohalogenation of the corresponding hydrazonoyl halides by the action of triethylamine) with 4-arylidene-1-aryl-2-phenyl-1H-imidazol-5(4H)-one 3 afforded the corresponding spiro[4,4]nona-2,8-dien-6-one 4. The reaction was carried out in dry benzene under reflux temperature. Refluxing in acetic acid, 4a was converted to its respective N-phenylpyrazole-5-carboxamide 8. The structures of prepared compounds were established by elemental analyses and spectral data (IR, MS, 1H, and 13C NMR).

Gabera, H. M., and T. A.?M. Moussa, "Regioselective Synthesis And Antimicrobial Studies Of Novel Bridgehead Nitrogen Heterocycles Containing The Thienopyrimidinone Skeleton", European Journal of Chemistry, 2011. Abstract

Versatile 2?(alkylthio)pyrimidine?type and 2?(phenacylamino) thiophene building blocks (4ad) and 16 were obtained based on an ortho functionalized thiophene derivative 1.

Khalil, M. H., "Reconnaissance of Freshwater Conditions in a Coastal Aquifer: Synthesis of 1D Geoelectric Resistivity Inversion and Geohydrological Analysis", Near Surface Geophysics, 2012. Abstract

Despite the saltwater intrusion of the Gulf of Suez, a Quaternary alluvial aquifer constitutes the main source of freshwater in the coastal city of El-Tor, the administrative capital of South Sinai, Egypt.

Afify, A. E. - M. M. R., "Recent Techniques Applied for Pesticides Identification and Determination in Natural Products and Its Impact to Human Health Risk", Edi Pesticides in the Modern World-Trends in Pesticides Analysis, 2011. Abstract


Dawood, K. M., N. M. Elwan, and B. F. Abdel-Wahab, "Recent Advances on the Synthesis of Azoles, Azines and Azepinesfused to Benzimidazole", Arkivoc, 2011. Abstract

The current review article represents a survey covering the literatures on azoles, azines and azepines fused to the a face of a benzimidazole moiety since 1980. Synthetic routes leading to benzimidazole fused with different ring systems; five-, six-, and seven-membered heterocyclic rings, containing one-, two- and three-heteroatoms were reported utilizing simple reactive benzimidazole synthons.

Al-Mousawi, S. M., M. S. Moustafa, I. A. Abdelhamid, and M. H. Elnagdi, "Reassignment of the Structures of Condensation Products of a-keto ? Formylarylhydrazones with Ethyl Cyanoacetate: a Novel Route to Ethyl 5-arylazo-2-hydroxynicotinates", Tetrahedron Letters, 2011. Abstract

The condensation of a-keto ?-formylarylhydrazones with ethyl cyanoacetate afforded ethyl 5-arylazo-2- hydroxy-6-aryl (or alkyl) nicotinates. The structures of the reaction products could be established based on X-ray crystal structure determination.

Hassaneen, H. M., and H. H. Z. A. M. E. Gomaa, "Reactivity of 3-Cyanoacetylindole Derivatives: Synthesis of 3-Hydrazonopyrazolyl and 3-Thiadiazolyl Indole Derivatives", International Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2011. Abstract

The coupling reaction of 3-cyanoacetyl-2-methylindole 1a with the aromatic diazonium salts gave the corresponding arylhydrazones 2a-e. Compounds 2 were used for synthesis of 4-aminopyrazole-5-carbonitrile 4a-e and 5-amino-4-arylazo-3-pyrazoles 5a-e derivatives. Also, treatment of 3-cyanoacetyl-2-phenylindole 1b with phenyl isothiocyanate gave the corresponding thioacetanilide 7. The later compound 7 was utilized as the key intermediate for the synthesis of some new thiadiazole derivatives 9a-r. The structures of all new compounds were elucidated on the basis of elemental analysis and spectral data.

Hassaneen, H. M., and H. M. E. H. Y. S. Mohammed, "Reactivity of 1-methylisoquinoline synthesis of pyrazolyl triazoloisoquinoline and thiadiazolyl isoquinoline derivatives", Natural Science, 2011. Abstract

The reaction of 1-methylisoquinoline 1 with hydrazonoyl halides 2 in ethanol in the presence of chitosan under microwave irradiation affords triazoloisoquinoline 4. Product 4 reacts with dimethylformamide-dimethylacetal to give enaminones 7 which react with hydrazonoyl halides to give pyrazolyl triazoloisoquinoline 13. Also, 1-methylisoquinoline 1 reacts with arylisothiocyanate to give thioanilide 15 which reacts with hydrazonoyl halides to give the corresponding thiadiazolyl isoquinoline derivatives 20, 24.

Abdou, S. E., S. M. El-Qusy, S. S. Ghabrial, and M. I. Haggag, "Reactions with Visnaginone: Synthesis, Cyclisation and Microbial Evaluation of Some Visnaginone Thiosemicarbazone Derivatives", Modern Applied Science, 2011. Abstract

Several new visnaginone ethers were prepared and their thiosemicarbazone derivatives are synthesized. The behavior of the thiosemicarbazones in methanolic sodium methoxide and hydrochloric acid is discussed. Structures were established on the bases of elemental and spectral data studies. Some of the thiosemicarbazones were tested for their antimicrobial activity. The structures of the synthesized derivatives (5a-g,6a-g) were confirmed by means of IR, 1H NMR, MS and elemental analyses. The synthesized derivatives (5a-g,6a-g) were subjected to the Microbiology Division, Microanalytical Center, Cairo University, (5a-g,6a-g) showed a variable degree of antimicrobial activity.

Abdelhamid, A. O., A. A. Fahmi, and A. B. Ali, "Reactions with hydrazonoyl halides 66: Synthesis of some new thiadiazoles, triazolino[4,3-a]pyrimidines and pyridazines containing coumarin moiety", European Journal of Chemistry, 2011. Abstract

2,3?Dihydro?1,3,4?thiadiazoles, triazolino[4,3?a]pyrimidines, isoxazoles and isoxazolo[3,4? d]pyridazines containing coumarin moities were synthesized from the reactions of methyl(or benzyl) carbodithioate, pyrimidine?2?thione and 3?(3?(dimethylamino)acryloyl)?2H?chromen?2?one derivatives with C?coumarinoyl?N?phenylhydrazonoyl bromide. The structures of all the newly synthesized compounds were confirmed by elemental analyses and spectral data.

Mohareb, R. M., and R. A. Ibrahim, "Reaction Of Phenylhydrazo Ethylacetoacetate With Cyanoacetyl Hydrazine: Novel Synthesis Of Pyridazine And Pyrazole Derivatives And Their Anti-Tumor Evaluations", Internatioal Journal of Applied Biology and Pharm. Technology, 2011. Abstract

The reaction of phenylhydrazoethyl acetoacetate (1) with cyanoacetyl hydrazine (2) in an oil bath in the presence of ammonium acetate gave the pyridazine derivative 4. However, carrying the same reaction but in ethanolic/Et3N gave the pyrazole derivative 5. Compounds 4 and 5 were used in a series of heterocyclization reactions to afford products that showed anti-tumor activities towards three cell lines namely, breast adenocarcinoma (MCF-7), non-small cell lung cancer (NCI-H460) and CNS cancer (SF-268).

Youssef, H. M., R. Koppolu, and T. Schnurbusch, "Re-Sequencing of Vrs1and Int-C Loci Shows that Labile Barleys(HordeumVulgareConvar", Genet Resour Crop Ev, 2011. Abstract

Labile-barleys (Hordeumvulgare L. convar. labile (Schiem.) Mansf.) Are found in the highlands of Ethiopia, Eretria and North India-Pakistan districts. They represent a distinct spike form showing row-type alterations even within individual spikes of the same genotypes. Variation at the six-rowed spike 1 (vrs1) locus is sufficient to control barley lateral spikelet fertility, which is also modified by alleles at the intermedium-c (int-c) locus. This study aimed at re-sequencing these two loci to investigate whether labile-barleys have a two-rowed genetic background, resulting in increased lateral spikelet fertility, or show reduced lateral fertility if they possess a six-rowed genetic background. The Vrs1 re-sequencing results of 221 supposedly labile-barley accessions from Ethiopia revealed 13 accessions with two novel vrs1.a1 haplotypes. Following the current nomenclature of vrs1 haplotypes, the new haplotypes were named as haplotypes 66 and 67. Re-sequencing at the int-c locus showed that 118 of the labile-barleys possessed the previously described Int-c.a allele but only one accession was found having a novel Int-c.a haplotype in the homozygous state (termed Int-c.a haplotype1; Hap_1). Interestingly, 101 labile-barleys carried the Int-c.a allele and Int-c.a haplotype1 simultaneously, suggesting maintained heterozygosity or recent gene duplication at this locus. Only one accession had a two-rowed haplotype (Vrs1.b3, int-c.b1) and one accession possessed the Vrs1.t (deficiens) and Int-c.a alleles (six-rowed). These two accessions were considered as misclassified labile genotypes and not included in further analysis. Thus, these results confirmed that all of the 219 labile accessions studied in this work showed six-rowed alleles at vrs1 but reduced lateral spikelet fertility. This reduction is most likely caused by the recessive labile (lab) locus which we are in the process to characterize further.

Asklany, S. A., K. Elhelow, I. K. Youssef, and A. M. El-wahab, "Rainfall Events Prediction using Rule-based Fuzzy Inference System", Journal of Atmospheric Research, vol. 101, pp. 228–236, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF.pdf

We are interested in rainfall events prediction by applying rule-based reasoning and fuzzy logic. Five parameters: relative humidity, total cloud cover, wind direction, temperature and surface pressure are the input variables for our model, each has three membership functions. The data used is twenty years METAR data for Cairo airport station (HECA) [1972–1992] 30° 3′ 29″ N, 31° 13′ 44″ E. and five years METAR data for Mersa Matruh station (HEMM) 31° 20′ 0″ N, 27° 13′ 0″ E. Different models for each station were constructed depending on the available data sets. Among the overall 243 possibilities we have based our models on one hundred eighteen fuzzy IF–THEN rules and fuzzy reasoning. The output variable which has four membership functions, takes values from zero to one hundred corresponding to the percentage for rainfall events given for every hourly data. We used two skill scores to verify our results, the Brier score and the Friction score. The results are in high agreements with the recorded data for the stations with increasing in output values towards the real time rain events. All implementation are done with MATLAB 7.9.

Samer, M., W. Berg, H. - J. Muller, M. Fiedler, M. Glaser, C. Ammon, P. Sanftleben, and R. Brunsch, "Radioactive 85kr And Co2 Balance For Ventilation Rate Measurements And Gaseous Emissions Quantification Through Naturally Ventilated Barns", Transactions of the ASABE, 2011. Abstract

Animal housing is a major source of gaseous emissions, such as ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2). Ammonia is an atmospheric pollutant and responsible for eutrophication and soil acidification, while CO2, CH4, and N2O are greenhouse gases (GHG) that contribute to global warming. The quantification of gaseous emissions from livestock buildings with natural ventilation systems is a particularly difficult task and is associated with uncertainties that are largely unknown. One key issue is to measure the ventilation rate and then to quantify the gaseous emissions. Therefore, in this study, the ventilation rate was determined by three different methods simultaneously. Field experiments were carried out to study the ventilation rate in a naturally ventilated dairy barn located in northern Germany during the summer seasons from 2006 to 2010. The air exchange rates (AER) as well as the ventilation rates were determined by the decay of the radioactive tracer krypton-85, the carbon dioxide (CO2) balance, which was used as the reference method in this study, and the combined effects of wind pressure and temperature difference forces (WT method). Subsequently, the results were compared with each other by carrying out Pearson correlation analysis and developing a regression model.

Refaie, A. I., "Radiative Plasma Parameters for Several Levels of Cu I", International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, 2011. Abstract

Energy levels, spontaneous radiative decay rates and electron impact collisionstrengths are calculated for Cu I with the Relativistic Dirac-Fock (RDF).method.

Osman, A., "Quark Model for Kaon Nucleon Scattering", PRAMANA- Journal of Physics, 2011. Abstract

IF: 0.561

Al-Fattah, M.A.A., Mazeed, A.M., Al-Hady, and N.A., "Quality and Quantity of Honeybee Queens as Affected by the Number and Distribution of Queen Cells Within Queen Rearing Colonies", J APIC SCI, 2011. Abstract

The effect of the number of introduced queen cells (15, 24, 48, 66), cell bar level (upper,middle, lower) and queen cell position within a grafted frame (middle, peripheral) on thepercentages of sealed queen cell and queen emergence, the development time, and theweight of newly emerged queens, were observed during the spring and summer seasons.The results indicated the percentage of sealed queen cells was affected by the number of introducedqueen cells, but not by the level bar or position in the rearing frame, during the two seasons. Thepercentage of queen emergence in spring was significantly affected by the three factors, but inthe summer - only by the number of queen cells. Also, both development time and weight ofemerged queens were affected by the three factors. Queen quality, based on queen weight, wasalso investigated. In spring, only heavy queens (190-200 mg) appeared when 15 queen cells wereintroduced, but heavy queens appeared in low percentages when 24 or 48 cells were introduced, andheavy queens completely disappeared with the introduction of 66 queen cells. Queens emerged fromcells on the middle rearing bars and the middle positions of each bar had a high frequency of heavyweight in comparison with those reared on the upper or lower bars and located at the peripheral ofthe bars.

Iida, K., Oyamatsu, K., Abu-Ibrahim, B., Kohama, and A., "Proton-Nucleus Total Reaction Cross Sections in the Optical Limit Glauber Theory", Prog Theor Phys, 2011. Abstract

We calculate the proton-nucleus total reaction cross sections at different energies of incident protons within the optical limit approximation of the Glauber theory. The isospin effect has been taken into account. The nucleon distribution is obtained in the framework of macroscopic nuclear models in a way depending on the equation of state of uniform nuclear matter near the saturation density. We find that at an energy of order 40 MeV, the reaction cross section calculated for neutron-rich isotopes significantly increases as the parameter L characterizing the density dependence of the symmetry energy increases, while at energies of order 300 and 800 MeV, it is almost independent of L.

Afify, A. E. - M. M. R., R. R.M., A. M. Hegazy, M. M. H. Osfor, and A. S. M. Elbahnasawy, "Protective Effects of Potato Peel Powdered (Solanum Tuberosum, L) on The Management of Hypercholesterolemia In Albino Rats", Int. J. of Academic Research, 2011. Abstract

Both dietary fibers and polyphenols have been reported to exert antihypercholesterolmia. Potato peel a waste by product of potato processing is found to be a good source of both dietary fiber and polyphenols. Polyphenols may provide beneficial effects on cardiovascular and hypercholesterolemia. The current study examined the attenuating influence of dietary potato peel powder on hypercholesterolemia and various oxidative stress-associated with biochemical parameters in hypercholesterolemic rats. Thirty two male albino rats weighing 110 + 10 g were divided in to four groups, the first group received the basal diet only and served as (negative control), the second group received the basal diet supplemented with 2% cholesterol +20% animal fat and 0.2% bile salt (hypercholesterolemic diet) and served as positive control), the other groups received hypercholesterolemic diet supplemented with 10%, 20% potato peel powder (Popp) for six weeks. The obtained results revealed that groups supplemented with 10% and 20% Popp significantly decrease total lipids, total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TG), low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), liver enzymes: alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST) compared with positive control compared to positive and negative groups. Kidney functions also significantly decrease in urea and creatinine. Organs weight, body weight gain, HDL-C and blood picture parameters significantly increased compared with positive control. Moreover Popp can use to reduce the weight on hypercholesterolemic state and reducing hypercholesterolemic complications. In addition, PoPP also serves to improve the lipid profile (cholesterol, total lipid, triglycerides, LDL-C and HDL-C) and blood picture and to reduce the blood glucose level in hypercholesterolemic rats and could use in obese people for body loss.

Soliman, A. M., and S. R. Fahmy, "Protective and Curative Effects of the 15 KD Isolated Protein from the Peganum harmala L", European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 2011. Abstract

The present study is aimed to evaluate the protective and curative effects of the 15 KD protein isolated from the seeds of Peganum harmala L. against carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) induced oxidative stress in rats. In the protective study, animals were pretreated intraperitoneally with 15 KD isolated protein at doses of 4 and 8 mg/kg body weight as well as vitamin C (250 mg/kg body weight p.o) for 7 days and then challenged with CCl4 orally (1 ml/kg body weight) in olive oil (50%) for 2 days. In the curative study

Al-Othman, A. M., K. S. Al-Numair, G. E. El-Desoky, K. Yusuf, Z. A. A. Othman, M. A. M. Aboul-Soud, and J. P. Giesy, "Protection of ?-Tocopherol and Selenium Against Acute Effects of Malathion on Liver and Kidney of Rats", African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 2011. Abstract

Protection from effects of the organophosphate insecticide, malathion on the liver and kidney of maleWistar albino rats by ?-tocopherol and selenium was investigated. Significantly greater (P<0.01) meanconcentrations of malondialdehyde (MDA) and lesser concentrations (P<0.01) of reduced glutathione(GSH) and tissues total proteins were observed in liver and kidney of rats exposed to malathion.Activities of the antioxidant enzymes, superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT) and glutathioneperoxidase (GPx) were less in livers and kidneys of rats exposed to malathion. These effects caused byexposure to malathion were reversed when rats were subsequently treated orally with 100 mg/kg b.w.tocopherol and/or 0.1 mg selenium/kg b.w. Both tocopherol and selenium (Se) reduced theconcentration of MDA, and increased concentration of total proteins and reduced glutathione and meanactivities of SOD, CAT and GPx, to levels that were not significantly different from unexposed, controlrats, previous to exposure to malathion.

Shalaby, E. A., "Prospects of Effective Microorganisms Technology in Wastes Treatment in Egypt", Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, 2011. Abstract

Sludge dewatering and treatment may cost as much as the wastewater treatment. Usually large proportion of the pollutants in wastewater is organic. They are attacked by saprophytic microorganisms, i.e., organisms that feed upon dead organic matter. Activity of organisms causes decomposition of organic matter and destroys them, where the bacteria convert the organic matter or other constituents in the wastewater to new cells, water, gases and other products.