Reservoir Simulation - MSc



Part I (Dr. M.Helmy)

I: Special Purpose Reservoir Simulation:

       Introduction and Overview

II: Special Purpose Reservoir Simulation- EOR Methods:

1-  Basic Equations and Concepts

2-  Compositional Simulators

3-  Chemical flooding Concepts

4-  Thermal Recovery Processes

5-  Bio-Chemical Concepts

Part I I (Dr. A. El Banbi)

Part III (Students Presentations)

Presentation1: Compositional Simulation

Presentation 2: Reservoir Simulation – Thermal Option

Presentation 3: Polymer Flooding Simulation

Presentation 4: Simulation of Surfactant Flooding

Presentation 5: Dual Porosity – Dual Permeability Simulation

Presentation 6: Streamline Simulation 


Helmy EOR Arabic book

Helmy-Premuzic -MEOR (Chapter in a Book-MEOR-Enhancement)

Carcoana - applied enhanced oil recovery

Farouq Ali - Practical Heavy Oil Recovery

Helmy EOR-Book and Notes


Helmy - Numercial Reservoir Simulation

Ertekin_Turcay_Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation

Teknica_ Reservoir Simulation  2001

Z.Chen-Reservoir Simulation- 2007

L. F. Koederitz - Lecture Notes on Applied Reservoir Simulation-2004

SPE Monographs – Reservoir Simulation

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