Abdelfattah, A., N. Ramadan, and S. Hamed, "SUICIDE AS A RESULT OF VIOLENCE", Gender-based violence “Pushing borders: Together we can do more”, Kasr Alainy - Cairo University, 1 November, 2015.

Date Presented:

1 November


Background: Domestic violence and other forms of violence against women and other family members are well known to be substantial and widespread, with women more likely than men to be abused mostly by their partners that is well known as gender based violence. Domestic violence is a major precipitating factor for suicide in many communities especially in our Middle East area.
Objectives: To show the incidence of violence against female in Egypt also to show the real relation between suicidal attempts and this domestic violence. We tried also through this study to know the most common age at which the abused person attempt suicide, the preparatory, the education level of the abused person, and the social level of the them
Methodology: In this study we collect data from 500 female aged from 18:50 years and from300 medical students at faculty of medicine Cairo university. Structured questionnaire was prepared by the researchers then victims were asked to answer this questionnaire after giving oral consent. Victims were asked about their demographic data, if they were exposed to violence, which type and who is the preparatory.
Results: we found that females exposed to violence were about 60 % of the total sample. Exposure to violence was less in the medical student group than the other group. Also, about 65% of females who exposed to violence has suicide thoughts and about 30% of them have already attempted suicide.
Conclusion: the study shows the strong relation between attempting suicide and exposure to domestic violence. At the end of this work, we recommend to understand the broad scope and tragic impact of domestic violence; further research is needed concerning domestic violence-related suicide.
Keywords :( Domestic violence, suicide, domestic violence-related suicide)