1. M.B., B. Ch.  1980, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University hospitals was assigned- up     excellent with honorary degree.
2. M.Sc. (ophthalmology), 1985, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, was assigned-     up very good. 3. MD (ophthalmology), 1991, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University
Additional Professional Activities 1. Training Course in Ultrasonography ofthe Eye and the Orbit and Biometry in Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Florida, USA, 1994.
2. Training Course In Glaucoma Clinic And Automated Perimetry in WillsEyeHospital, Philadelphia, USA, 1994.
3. Training Course in Fluorescein Angiography and Imagenet Photography, 1994. In Ophthalmic Diagnostic Laser Unit, Cairo university.
4.    Training course in Ultrasonic Biomicroscopy, 2001. In Rostock University, Germany
5.    Active contribution in ESCRS meeting in Munich (2003), PAACO in Dubai (2005), First and Second International Symposia in Pediatric Ophthalmology in Taba and Luxor (2004-2005), MEACO in Dubai (2005), MEACO in Bahrain (2009) and in Nadi El Bassar congress in Tunis (2009)
6.    Active contribution in all scientific meetings of the Egyptian Society of Ophthalmology since 1985, Society of Cataract and Corneal Diseases, Egyptian Group of Pediatric Eye Surgeons and the Egyptian Society for the Glaucoma since their foundation
7.    Attendance of two Medical French courses in New Kasr El Eini hospital organized by the French Culture Center each for 60 hours (January- May 2008, 2009)
8.    Awarded for a French course for one month in Touraine Institute, France August 2008 for advanced French level by the French Culture Center
9.    Assistance and retraining attendance with Prof. Dr Joseph Colin in Bordeaux University Hospital, Bordeaux , France, in refractive corneal surgery for one month (May 2009) sponsored by the AUF (Agence Universitaire de Francophonie)
10.     Founder and Vise CEO of Bostan Diagnostic Eye Center since 2005, a specialized center for investigative ophthalmology which is now a recognized and pioneer center for ophthalmic diagnosis and teaching junior fellows  
11.Reviewer member in the Egyptian Universities Promotion Committee of Ophthalmology " عضو فى لجنة  تحكيم ترقيات الاساتذة و الاساتذة المساعدين لطب و جراحة العين
12. Head of Ophthalmic Diagnostic Laser Unit, Kasr El Eini Hospitals, Cairo University starting from August 2011 till now
13. Head of the Pediatric Ophthalmology Unit (Aboulreesh Hospitals) from September 2014 till now


    National Encouraging Award in Advanced Scientific Technology in the Medical Science 2001
جائزة الدولة التشجيعية فى العلوم التكنولوجية المتقدمة فى العلوم الطبية لعام 2001
•    Principal Investigator in the scientific project sponsored by CairoUniversity on Genetic study of retinoblastoma in Egypt (July 2004-September 2007)
الباحث الرئيسى للمشروع البحثى المدعم من جامعة القاهرة عن الدراسة الجينية لورم الشبكية فى الاطفال

•    French Medical Diploma with a grade Good (2008) offered by the CCIP (Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris)

•    Award of the Best Poster in MEACO conference in Bahrain 2009
"Role of Ganglion Cell Complex in diagnosis of Glaucoma"

•    Researcher in a team for the scientific project sponsored by Cairo University on Stem cell transplantation in ocular surface disorders (February 2010)