Prof. Sanaa A Kenawy is a distinguished Pharmacology Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (Former Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology), with a PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacology), Royal College of Surgeons, London University, United Kingdom. She has authored more than 80 publications in well known national and top ranked international journals in the field of Pharmacology and Medicine with several coauthoring in internationally published books. She has an outstanding experience in lecturing under and postgraduate students in all topics in Pharmacology with special interest in inflammation. Because of her excellent credibility she is a very frequent and regular external examiner for undergraduate students all over Egyptian and regional universities. Due to her hard working abilities and reliability she was head of the control unit for undergraduate exams in the faculty for several years. Acting as a visiting Professor to many regional countries and universities in Egypt she shared in the Teaching process, organization and establishment of many Pharmacology departments. Prof. Kenawy supervised on and discussed more than 70 PhD and MSc theses and was acknowledged by many colleagues for her guidance and support in their work. Has actively participated in many regional and international conferences and is considered a notable speaker and eminent chairperson. She is a member of many specialized societies in Egypt and internationally. She is the head of the publications Ethics Committee based in Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University. She is in the review board of many well known famous journals in the fields of Pharmacology and clinical Pharmacology. Prof. Kenawy shared in giving several general lectures as a service for the society in many fields of interest for non specialized people as: How to deal with cases of rapid poisoning, School’s first aid Pharmacy, allergic diseases, possibilities of poisoning and ways of prevention and materials that cause addiction and methods of therapy.