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M.S.S. Abdou                         

Professor of Theriogenology,

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University

Personal Information
   Name:         Prof. Dr. Mohamed Samy Sayed Abdou (M.S.S. Abdou)
   Title:           Professor of Theriogenology
   Date of Birth:   November 6, 1942

Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt

   Citizenship       Egyptian

Contact Information
   Home phone       +202-3585-2708
   Work phone        +202-357-20399, ext. 37809
   Fax                       +202 357-25240
   Mobile phone      +2-0100 333 7013

                                +2-0100 156 3228  

   E-mail                samy_abdou@hotmail.com


Current Address   

   Department of Theriogenology (Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Artificial 

   Insemination), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,

   Cairo University, Giza 12211 Egypt

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor Veterinary Sciences ( B.V. Sc.) , Cairo University, January 1964
  • Post-Graduate Diploma , Artificial Insemination Instructor , Moscow (USSR)                                                                                       1965
  • Ph. D. Biological Sciences, Moscow (USSR), February 1969
  • Post-doctorate Courses in Reproductive Immunology, Moscow (USSR)

      1984 – 1985                                                                         

Educational Missions

 Member of a governmental mission to the ex-Soviet Union for PhD in  Veterinary            Obstetrics,Gynecology and A.I.                      Oct 1964 - Feb 1969

Academic Positions

UniversityofCairo, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  • Demonstrator, Animal  Pathology   March 17, 1964 -  Oct 1964
  • Demonstrator, Theriogenology        Feb 10 1969 -   April 10, 1970
  • Lecturer, Theriogenology                                 April 11, 1970 – May 6,  1975
  • Ass. Professor, Theriogenology                       May  7, 1975 -   May 20,  1980
  • Professor, Theriogenology                               May  21, 1980 -   present


University of Baghdad, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  • Visiting Lecturer, Theriogenology                   1974 – 1978


Administrative Work

  • Director of Calf diseases Research Centre           Oct 1, 1985 - Sept 30 1991
  • Head of Theriogenology Dept.                           Sept 29, 1996 - July 31 1997
  • Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research     Aug 1, 1997 – Sept. 30 2003


Relevant Scientific and Professional Activities

  • Reading  Theriogenology and conducting practical demonstrations for  pre-final and final years students of the Fac. of Vet. Medicine, Cairo Univ.
  • Academic Supervisor  of more than 50 M.V.Sc. and PH D Theses
  • Editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Egyptian Veterinary Medical Association
  • Associate Editor  of the Egyptian Veterinary Medical  J. (Giza)
  • Training programs for undergraduate and post-graduate students in obstetrics, gynecology and Artificial Insemination.
  • Advisor of the Egyptian-Spanish A.I. Project, Egyptian Organization for Veterinary Services.
  • Member of the Advisory Boards of the “Sexual Health Control” and Artif. Insem.”  Projects in Giza Province
  • Member of the Standing Committee of  Surgery, Anaethesiology, Radiology and Theriogenology responsible for scientific evaluation of academic staff (lecturers and Ass. Professors) seeking for promotion to higher scientific degrees
  • Participation  in almost all of the national symposia, workshops, seminars, meetings and conferences discussing matters related to any aspect of veterinary profession in general and animal reproduction , diseases and biotechnology in particular.
  • Participation  in Community Service Veterinary Programs
  • Evaluation of scientific projects presented to the National Academy of Scientific Research



Professional Associations Memberships

  • Egyptian Veterinary Medical Syndicate  (Member)
  • Egyptian Veterinary Medical Association  (Member)
  • Egyptian Society for Animal Reproduction and Fertility (President)
  • Egyptian Association for Cattle Diseases in Giza (member)
  • Egyptian Buffalo Development Association (member)
  • Egyptian Society of Andrology (member)
  • Egyptian Zoological Society (Vice-President)
  • Egyptian Society for Conservation of Natural Resources (Board member)



  • Authored and co-authored over 100 scientific papers in national and international journals.


Language Skills

  • Arabic (Mother tongue)
  • English (reading, speaking and writing)
  • Russian (reading, speaking and writing)

Computer SKILLS

  • PowerPoint Presentations, Graphics, MSWord, Excell


Statistical SKILLS

  •  Statistica, SPSS



  • Cairo university Meritorious Award in Veterinary Sciences  2002

  • Reproductive Health Technology in Andrology/Gamete Physiology- An International Award, October 2001, Charleston, S.C., USA

  • Professional Membership to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, September 2000.

  • The IBC (International Biographical Centre Cambridge) Twentieth Century Award For Achievement, June 1998
  • Nomination by IBC as International Man of the Year for 1997/1998