Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor Veterinary Sciences ( B.V. Sc.) , Cairo University, January 1964
  • Post-Graduate Diploma, Artificial Insemination Instructor, Moscow (USSR) 1965
  • Ph. D. Biological Sciences, Moscow (USSR), February 1969
  • Post-doctorate Courses in Reproductive Immunology, Moscow (USSR) 1984 – 1985


  • Cairo University Meritorious Award 2002
  • Reproductive Health Technology in Andrology/Gamete Physiology- An International Award, October 2001, Charleston, S.C., USA
  • Professional Membership to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, September 2000.
  • The IBC (International Biographical Centre Cambridge) Twentieth Century Award For Achievement, June 1998
  • Nomination by IBC as International Man of the Year for 1997/1998 


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