Statement of Research Philosophy

Research is an integral part of my academic experience and career goals. It enhances my personal knowledge base and adds to the general understanding of complex subjects. The foremost objective of carrying out research is either to solve existing problems or to develop new scientific advancements that ensure the evolution of the society. Research creates much-needed connections between disciplines and integrates diverse academic points of view in a multi-disciplinary environment, and it enriches the educational experience for students. Topically, my research addresses broad questions in the areas of Engineering in Biosystems, Energy and Environment. Philosophically, my research goals center on the inclusion of peers, postdoctoral fellows, PhD candidates, technicians, engineers, undergraduate and graduate students in a multi-disciplinary research team to applying modern experimental techniques to questions of biosystems, energy and environment in a scientifically rigorous manner. Furthermore, I have committed myself to transfer my experience to the young researchers.

Scientific inquiry advances through a mixture of asking intriguing questions and performing scientifically rigorous and repeatable experimental studies. It is important to me that I contribute to the advancement of my field of science by tackling interesting questions with innovative methods and by elevating the statistical and scientific rigor of that field both through my own research and through the education of students who will become informed professionals, specialists and members of the next generation of researchers.

One key issue is to publish the research results in high-impact international journals, register patents and to struggle on implementing the research and development outcomes in cooperation with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as the government and to develop policies. I implement the research outcomes to develop extension and outreach programs as well as in teaching. On the other hand, research projects can be developed to solve problems that arise in the relevant industries, and then the research outcomes can be implemented to develop extension programs for the engineers employed in these industries.



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