Sameh H.Basha,  is  Assistant Professor at  the  Department  of Mathematics,  Computer Science Division, Faculty of Science,  Cairo University, Egypt.  He  received  the  B.Sc.,  degree  in mathematics and computer science from faculty of science, Cairo University in 2005. Also he got his Master Degree in Computer Sciences from Cairo University with Thesis Title “Complexity Analysis Of Input Rules for Genetic - Fuzzy Data Mining” in 2011. 

Sameh now Ph.d Student  under Supervision of Prof Aboul Ella Hassanien (Cairo University-Faculty of Computers and Information- Information Technology Department), Prof Laila Fahmie and Dr Areeg Saied(Cairo University-Faculty of Science-Mathematics Department) in subject Neutrosophic set and its applications.

Research Interest:

1- Soft Computing (Fuzzy Logic and Genetic algorithm)       2- Rough Set

3- Neutrosophis set and Neutrosophic Logic                               4- Data Mining