The role of clinical pharmacists as perceived by Egyptian physicians.

Sabry, N. A., and S. F. Farid, "The role of clinical pharmacists as perceived by Egyptian physicians.", The International journal of pharmacy practice, vol. 22, issue 5, pp. 354-9, 2014.


OBJECTIVES: Clinical pharmacists play an important role in ensuring the safe and rational use of medicines; however, physicians in developing countries may not always recognize the wide scope of services that a pharmacist can provide to improve patient safety and achieve clinical outcomes. The aim of this study was to investigate the perceptions and experience of physicians regarding the role of the pharmacists, the pharmacists' ability to perform clinical services, their acceptance of new pharmacist roles and the extent of collaboration that can occur between the two disciplines.

METHODS: In this cross-sectional survey, 583 randomly selected physicians from the Grand Cairo area were invited to complete a survey composed of 25 questions designed to determine their perceptions of the role of clinical pharmacists.

KEY FINDINGS: The response rate was 53%. Of the 312 physicians who completed the questionnaire, 50.5% reported direct contact with the pharmacists using the pharmacist as a source of information about the name of the medication, side effects, drug interactions or efficacy as the main role. About one-third believed that pharmacists could be a reliable source of clinical information, identify clinically related problems or advise the physicians about medication's cost effectiveness. More than 80% agreed that physicians and clinical pharmacists should have daily cooperation, and face-to-face contact was selected to be the best method of communication.

CONCLUSION: Although a wide proportion of the physicians were aware of the clinical pharmacy principle, the service itself is not well promoted or applied. Greater effort needs to be directed towards increasing physicians' awareness and knowledge of the importance of clinical pharmacist and promote the benefit of the clinical pharmacy service.