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Acute-phase response alters the disposition kinetics of cefepime following intravenous administration to rabbits, Abd El-Aty, A. M., Goudah A., Mouneir Samar M., Sunwoo Y. E., Jang J. H., Shin J. G., Shim J. H., and Shimoda M. , Veterinary research communications, Volume 31, Issue 1, p.67-75, (2007) Abstract
Anti-inflammatory activity of Jasminum grandiflorum L. subsp. floribundum (Oleaceae) in inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis models, El-Shiekh, Riham A., Dorria Hussein, Atta Attia H., Mouneir Samar M., Mousa Mohamed R., and Abdelsattar Essam , Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy , Volume 140, p.111770, (2021)
Anti-obesity effect of argel (Solenostemma argel) on obese rats fed a high fat diet, Mouneir, Samar M., A.El-shiekh Riham, A.Al-Mahdy Dalia, S.Hifnawy Mohamed, and Essam A. Abdel-Sattar , Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 238, Issue 111893, (2019)
Antidiarrhoeal activity of some Egyptian medicinal plant extracts, Atta, Attia H., and Mouneir Samar M. , Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 92, Issue 2-3, p.303-309, (2004) Abstract
Antiulcerogenic effect of some plants extracts, Atta, A. H., Nasr Soad M., and Mouneir Samar M. , (2005) Abstract
Benzodioxole–Pyrazole Hybrids as Anti‐Inflammatory and Analgesic Agents with COX‐1, 2/5‐LOX Inhibition and Antioxidant Potential, Abd El Razik, Heba A., Badr Mona H., Atta Attia H., Mouneir Samar M., and Abu‐Serie Marwa M. , Archiv der Pharmazie, Volume 350, Issue 5, (2017) Abstractsamar_m_mouneir_-2017-archiv_der_pharmazie.pdf


Chemical and biological investigation of Araucaria heterophylla Salisb. Resin, Abdel-Sattar, Essam, Monem Azza Abdel R., Ezzat Shahira M., El-Halawany Ali M., and Mouneir Samar M. , Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C, Volume 64, Issue 11-12, p.819-823, (2009) Abstract
Chitosan-benzofuran adduct for potential biomedical applications: Improved antibacterial and antifungal properties, Elnashar, M., Abdel L., Awad H., and Mouneir S. , Der Pharmacia Lettre, Volume 7, Issue 10, p.107-117, (2015)
Chloroacetonitrile-Induced Cytotoxicity and Oxidative Stress in Isolated Rat Hepatocytes, El-Tawil, Osama S., Abou-Hadeed Ali H., Shalaby Abeir A., and Mouneir Samar M. , Journal of American Science, Volume 6, Issue 10, (2010) Abstract
Comparative pharmacokinetics of difloxacin in goat kids and lambs, Goudah, A., and Mouneir S. M. , Small ruminant research, Volume 78, Issue 1, p.186-192, (2008) Abstract
CUCUMIS SATIVUS AND CUCURBITA MAXIMA EXTRACT ATTENUATE DIABETES-INDUCED HEPATIC AND PANCREATIC INJURY IN A RAT MODEL, Atta, A. H., Saad S. A., Mouneir S. M., Nasr S. M., Desouky H. M., and Shaker H. M. , journal of physiology and pharmacology, Volume 71, Issue 4, p.507-518, (2020) jpp.2020.4.06.pdf
Curcumin ameliorates the absolute and relative bioavilabilities of marbofloxacin after oral administrations in broiler chickens , K.Abo-El-Sooud, Samar M. Mouneir, and F.Fahmy Allah , WULFENIA Journal, Volume 24, Issue 3, p.284-297, (2017)
CYSTEINYL LEUKOTRIENES PREDOMINANTLY MEDIATE CISPLATIN-INDUCED ACUTE RENAL DAMAGE IN MALE RATS, HASHIM, A. A., HELMY M. M., and Mouneir S. M. , journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, Volume 69, Issue 5, p.779-787, (2018) jpp.2018.5.12.pdf
CYSTEINYL LEUKOTRIENES PREDOMINANTLY MEDIATE CISPLATIN-INDUCED ACUTE RENAL DAMAGE IN MALE RATS, HASHIM, A. A., HELMY M. M., and Mouneir S. M. , journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, Volume 69, Issue 5, p.779-787, (2018) jpp.2018.5.12.pdf
Design, synthesis, antimicrobial activity and anticancer screening of some new 1, 3-thiazolidin-4-ones derivatives, Shehab, Wesam Saber, and Mouneir Samar Mohamed , European Journal of Chemistry, Volume 6, Issue 2, p.157-162, (2015)
Disposition kinetics and tissue residues of danofloxacin in Muscovy ducks, Goudah, A., and Mouneir S. M. , British poultry science, Volume 50, Issue 5, p.613-619, (2009) Abstract
Ecofriendly synthesis of pyrano[2,3‐d]pyrimidine derivatives and related heterocycles with anti‐inflammatory activities, AbdEl‐Azim, Mohamed H. M., Aziz Maged A., Mouneir Samar M., EL‐Farargy Ahmed F., and Shehab Wesam S. , Arch Pharm, Volume 353, Issue :e, p.000084., (2020)
Effect of Long Term Administration of Copper Pyrazinate on Copper Levels in Serum, Liver and Muscle with Reference to Some, Haematological and Biochemical Constituents in Rats, Atta, Attia Hassan, Fathy Salah, Nasr Soad Mohamed, Reem Jan, Mouneir Samar Mohamed, and Kamel Gihan , World Applied Sciences Journal, Volume 12, Issue 9, p.1469-1477, (2011) Abstract
Effect of Zingiber officinale roots and Cinnamon zeylanicum bark on fertility of male diabetic rats, Shalaby, M. A., and Mouneir Samar M. , Global Veterinaria, Volume 5, Issue 6, p.341-347, (2010) Abstract
Effects of the food additives sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium acetate, and citric acid on hemato-immunological pathological biomarkers in rats: Relation to PPAR-α, PPAR-γ and tnfα signaling pathway, Abd-Elhakim, Yasmina M., Hashem Mohamed M., Anwar Abeer, El-Metwally Abeer E., Abo-EL-Sooud Khaled, Moustafa Gihan G., Mouneir Samar M., and Ali Haytham A. , Environmental toxicology and pharmacology, Volume 62, p.98-106, (2018)
Egyptian propolis alleviates gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats, Atta, A. H., Nasr S. M., Mouneir S. M., Abdel-Aziem S. H., and Nassar S. A. , J Adv Chem, Volume 6, p.1109-1119, (2014) Abstract
Evaluation of some medicinal plant extracts for antidiarrhoeal activity, Atta, Attia H., and Mouneir Samar M. , Phytotherapy Research, Volume 19, Issue 6, p.481-485, (2005) Abstract
Evaluation of the diuretic effect of Conyza dioscorides and Alhagi maurorum, Atta, A. H., Nasr S. M., Mouneir S. M., Alwabel N. A., and Essawy SS , Int J Pharm Pharm Sci, Volume 2, Issue 3, p.162-5, (2010) Abstract
Hepatoprotective effect of methanol extracts of Zingiber officinale and Cichorium intybus, Atta, A. H., Elkoly T. A., Mouneir S. M., Kamel Gehan, Alwabel N. A., and Zaher Shaimaa , Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 72, Issue 5, p.564, (2010) Abstract
Heterocyclization of polarized system: synthesis, antioxidant and anti‑inflammatory 4‑(pyridin‑3‑yl)‑6‑(thiophen‑2‑yl) pyrimidine‑2‑thiol derivatives, Shehab, Wesam S., Mouneir Samar M., and Abdellattif Magda H. , chemistry central journal, Volume 12, Issue 68, p.1-8, (2018)
Influence of endotoxin induced fever on the pharmacokinetics of intramuscularly administered cefepime in rabbits, Goudah, Ayman, Mouneir Samar M., Shim Jae-Han, and Abd El-Aty A. M. , Journal of veterinary science, Volume 7, Issue 2, p.151-155, (2006) Abstract
A mechanistic study of Solenostemma argel as anti-rheumatic agent in relation to its metabolite profile using UPLC/HRMS, El-Shiekh, Riham A., aMohamed Salem Essam Abdel-Sattar A., Mouneir Samar M., and Hassan Azza , Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Issue 265, p.113341, (2021)
Novel 2-Hydroselenonicotinonitriles and Selenopheno[2, 3-b]pyridines: Efficient Synthesis, Molecular Docking-DFT Modeling, and Antimicrobial Assessment, Abdellattif, Magda H., Adel A. H. Abdel-Rahman2, Mohamed Mohamed, Arief Helmy, Mouneir Samar M., Ali Amena, Mostafa A. Hussien6, 7, Rawda M. Okasha8, Afifi Tarek H., and Hagar Mohamed , Frontiers in chemistry, Volume 9, p. 672503, (2021)
Phenotypic identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from milk in Taif governorate and characterization of resistance to fluoroquinolones and some medical plant extracts, Ezzeldeen, Nashwa A., Mouneir Samar M., Al-Zahrani Nourah Mohammed Komaikh, Abdelmonem Mohamed A., Seida AA, and AbdelAzez Manal F. , Advances in Environmental Biology, Volume 10, Issue 2, p.56-69, (2016) Abstract
Phytochemical and pharmacological studies on Convolvulus fatmensis Ktze., Atta, Attia H., Nawal H Mohamed, Nasr Soad M., and Mouneir Samar M. , Journal of natural remedies, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.109-119, (2007) Abstract
Phytochemical studies and anti-ulcerative colitis effect of Moringa oleifera seeds and Egyptian propolis methanol extracts in a rat model, Mouneir, Samar M., Atta Attia H., Nasr Soad M., Sedky Doaa, Mohamed Amany M., Atta Shimaa A., and Desouky Hassan Mohamed , Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, Volume 9, Issue (3), p.98-108, (2019)
Potential protective effect of some plant extracts against carbon tetrachloride–induced hepatotoxicity, Nasr, S. M., and Mouneir S. M. , African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Volume 3, Issue 3, p.1-9, (2006) Abstract
Prolonged administration of high doses of copper nicotinate to rats: Effect on biochemical and cellular constituents of blood and on copper level in serum, liver and muscle, Atta, Attia H., Fathy Salah, Gohar M., Reem Jan, Kamel Gihan, Mouneir Samar M., and Nasr Soad M. , International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Volume 1, Issue 5, p.178-183, (2009) Abstract
Protective effect of Calligonum comosum on haloperidol-induced oxidative stress in rat, Abdel-Sattar, Essam A., Mouneir Samar M., Asaad Gihan F., and Abdallah Hossam M. , Toxicology and industrial health, Volume 30, Issue 2, p.147-153, (2014) Abstract
The protective effect of ginger and N-acetyl cysteine on ciprofloxacin-induced reproductive toxicity in male rats, Nashwa, A., Kawkab Ahmed A., and Mouneir Samar M. , Journal of American Science, Volume 7, Issue 7, (2011) Abstract
Recent advances in chemistry and pharmacological aspects of 2-pyridone scaffolds, Amer, Mostafa M. K., Aziz Maged A., Shehab Wesam S., Abdellattif Magda H., and Mouneir Samar M. , Journal of Saudi chemical society, Volume 25, p.101259-101305, (2021) recentadvancesinchemistryandpharmacologicalaspectsof2-pyridonescaffolds.pdf
Reno-protective effect of linagliptin against gentamycin nephrotoxicity in rats, Mouneir, Samar M., and M Helmy M. , Pharmacological reports, Volume 71, Issue 6, p.1133-1139, (2019) pharmacological_reports.pdf
Roselle Seed Oil and its Nano-Formulation Alleviated Oxidative Stress, Activated Nrf2 and Downregulated m-RNA expression genes of proinflammatoy Cytokines in Paracetamol-intoxicated rat model, Mouneir, Samar M., Hussein Mai E., Senousy Amira El S., H.Abd-Elsalam Wessam, A.Ahmed Kawkab, I.El-Askary Hesham, and Fishawy Ahlam M.El , Records of natural products , (2020)
Synthesis and antitumour/ antiviral evaluation of 6-Thienyl-5-cyano-2-thiouracil derivatives, Shehab, Wesam S., Asaad Hossam A., and Samar M. Mouneir , Current organic synthesis, Volume 14, p.291-298, (2017) samar_m_mouneir__current_organic_synthesis_2017.pdf