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Elbably, S. H., and Y. A. sayed Ella, "Anatomical and Radiological Studies on the Heart of Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) with Special References to Its Coronary Arteries", Anatomical and Radiological Studies on the Heart of Red Fox, pp. 754 -760, May 2021-9-5.
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El-Bably, S. H., and N. A. Noor, "ANATOMICAL, RADIOLOGICAL AND MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING ON THE NORMAL STIFLE JOINT IN RED FOX (VULPES VULPES)", International Journal of Anatomy and Research,, vol. 5, issue 4, pp. 4760-69, 2017.
Essam, *Asmaa M. I., Samah H. El-Bably, N. A. Shaker, and S. H.H., "Morphological and Histological Studies on the Female Oviduct of Balady Duck (Anas boschas domesticus)", International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences, vol. 3, issue 7, pp. 171-180, 2016. ijarbs25.pdf
El-Bably, S. H., and H. M. Rezk, "The arterial vasculature of the wing in domestic fowl (Gallus gallus domesticus)", Veterinary Medical Journal, vol. 60, issue 2, pp. 105 - 123, 2014. Abstract9-the_arterial_vasculature_of_the_wing_in_domestic_fowl__gallus_gallus_domesticus.pdf

The arterial blood supply of the wing in domestic fowl was studied to investigate the course and distribution of the subclavian artery as a trial to extend our knowledge on the vascular anatomy of poultry which had received a little attention in the field of veterinary comparative anatomy. The present work was carried out on eight adult, apparently healthy chickens of both sexes. The birds were slaughtered and the subclavian artery of five chickens was cannulated and flushed with warm normal saline (0.9%), then injected with red gum milk latex. The specimens were subjected to fine dissection to demonstrate the origin, course, relations and distribution of the subclavian artery. The other three chickens injected with Urograffin for x-ray purposes. The arterial supply of the thoracic limb of the fowl was formed mainly by the pectoral trunk and axillary artery. The obtained results were photographed, described and discussed with their corresponding features of authors who performed earlier studies in other avis breeds.
Key words: Chicken; Arterial supply; Wing; Axillary artery; brachial artery.

M, R. H., and E. - B. S. H., "Gross anatomical studies on the arterial supply of the manus region in the rabbit ", SCVMJ,, vol. XVII, issue 2, pp. 299-304, 2012. rabbit_manus.pdf