Svensson, L. - G., H. Solhed, N. - G. Jonsson, S. M. Darwish, and J. Lindskog, "Level Structure and Transition Probabilities in 165Tm and 167Tm", Physica Scripta , vol. 13, issue 4, pp. 193, 2007. Abstract

Transitions in 165Tm and 167Tm have been studied by means of the (p,nγ) and (p,2nγ) reactions. Singles gamma-ray spectra, gamma-gamma coincidences and conversion electron spectra have been recorded. The level schemes of both isotopes have partly been verified and new members of the 1/2-[541] band have been found in 167Tm. The halflives of three levels in the ground state bands have been measured using an electron-electron coincidence spectrometer: T1/2 = 322 ± 20 ps for the I = 7/2 level in165Tm, T1/2 = 343 ± 15 ps for the I = 7/2 level in 167Tm and T1/2 = 66 ± 7 ps for the I = 5/2 level in 167Tm. The electric and magnetic moments have been compared for the odd thulium isotopes. It was also shown that the quadrupole deformation 2 is constant and that the systematics of the single particle states in these isotopes only may be explained by variations of the hexadecapole deformation, 4 of the nuclear shape.

Sroor, A. T., S. M. Darwish, S. M. El-Bahi, and M. A. E. G. Karim, ""Radiological Hazards for Marble and Granite used at Shak El Thouban Indusrial Zone in Egypt"", Journal of Environmental Protection, vol. 4, issue 12A, pp. 50-57, 2013.

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