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Sahar Saleem studied medicine at Kasr Al-Ainy Medical School of Cairo University (Cairo, Egypt). She earned Master degree and Medical Doctorate in Radiology from Cairo University (Cairo, Egypt). She did a post-doctoral Fellowship in Neuroradiology and a Fellowship in Radiology Education at University of Western Ontario (London (ON), Canada). Sahar has been appointed the title of Professor in July 2009.

Sahar is specialized in advanced imaging technology (MRI and CT) and their clinical applications. She worked on Diffusion Tensor Imaging and tractography in patients with epilepsy. She is also a member of the international advisory group for Neuro-behcet’s disease.  Sahar has been also working intensely on fetal MR imaging since 2002. She proposed a protocol to examine the heart in-utero along basic fetal body planes and cardiac axes and proved its feasibility in congenital heart diseases. Sahar focused also on objective MRI screening for fetuses at risk for brain anomalies. Saleem has several studies on Joubert syndrome.

Sahar presented her scientific works in several international medical congresses and received several international awards e.g.: Summa cum Laude (American Society of Neuroradiology, 2005), Certificate of Merit (Radiological Society of North America, 2005), Cum Laude (Radiological Society of North America, 2007), and certificate of Cairo University’s Incentive Award in Medical Sciences (2008).

Sahar published her work in renowned journals such as Nature Medicine, American Journal of Neuroradiology, Radiographics, American Journal of Medical Genetics, Neuropediatrics, and American Journal of Roentgenology. Sahar has also participated in writing several books on Education in Radiology and Fetal MRI.  In addition to her role as an author, Sahar is an active reviewer in several international medical journals and serves as Associate Editor in multiple medical journals.

Prof. Sahar is an international expert in paleoradiology (imaging studies of ancient remains). She studied several royal ancient Egyptian mummies using multi-detector CT as part of the Egyptian Mummy project (EMP) of The Supreme Council of Antiquity in Egypt. Lately, she had the privilege of unlocking the mysteries on Ancient Egypt royals and mummification, Saleem authored several articles and a book based on her mummy studies.