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Afifi, M. A., M. A. Bastami, M. Elbehairy, and S. A. Zouelfakar, "Evaluation of some vaccination programs against field strain of genotype VIID of newcastle disease in broilers", Bioscience Research, vol. 15, issue 3, pp. 2171-2184, 2018. 2171-2184-1532018br18-171.pdf
Soliman, S., S. Z. El-Fakar, and Youssef, S. A., "Salmonella infection in Broiler flocks in Egypt", Bioscience Research , vol. 15, issue 3, pp. 1925-1930, 2018. salmonellainfectioninbroilerflocksinegypt.pdf
Afifi, M. A., M. M. Zaki, S. A. Zouelfakar, and H. H. Abo-Zeid, "Evaluation of Spectrum of protection provided against two infectious bronchitis isolates using classical live vaccine", lifesciencesite, vol. 12, issue 2, 2015. AbstractWebsite

The protection of H120 classic IB vaccine was evaluated against two IBV isolates; one was found to be 98% related to IS/1494/06 variant II strain (isolate 46) and the other was found to be 90% related to 6/82 classic strain (isolate 25) in SPF and commercial chicks. The protection was assessed depending on ciliary activity using scanning electron microscopy, gross and microscopic lesion scoring of trachea and kidney, and detection of viral genome using real time RT-PCR. No significant protection could be provided against both challenging viruses using the classic H120 vaccine either once; at 1st day of age or twice; at day 1 and 14 of age. This indicated that the classic H120 strain and the challenging IB field strains are not the same protecteotype. Therefore, change in the program of vaccination is required to obtain a relative improvement of protection.