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Ashoub, A. H., D. H. Abdel-Naby, M. M. Safar, M. A. El-Ghazaly, and S. A. Kenawy, "Ameliorative effect of fractionated low-dose gamma radiation in combination with ellagic acid on nicotine-induced hormonal changes and testicular toxicity in rats ", Environ Sci Pollut Res Int , vol. 28, issue 18, pp. 23287-23300, 2021. aliaa_nicotine.pdf
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El-Lakkany, N. M., W. H. El-Maadawy, S. S. H. el-Din, S. Saleh, M. M.Safar, S. M. Ezzat, S. H. Mohamed, S. S. Botros, Z. Demerdash, and O. A. Hammam, Antifibrotic effects of gallic acid on hepatic stellate cells: In vitro and in vivo mechanistic study, , 2019. gallic_acid_walaa.pdf
Oraby, M. A., M. F. El-Yamany, M. M. Safar, N. A. G. L. A. A. ASSAF, and H. A. Ghoneim, "Dapagliflozin Attenuates Early Markers of Diabetic Nephropathy in Fructose-Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes in Rats ", Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, vol. 109, pp. 910–920. , 2019.
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Zaki, O. S., M. M. Safar, A. A. Ain-Shoka, and L. A. Rashed, "A Novel Role of a Chemotherapeutic Agent in a Rat Model of Endotoxemia: Modulation of the STAT-3 Signaling Pathway ", Inflammation, vol. 41, issue 1, pp. 20-32, 2018. imatinib.pdf
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Mohamed, A. F., M. M. Safar, H. F. Zaki, and H. M. Sayed, "Telluric Acid Ameliorates Endotoxemic Kidney Injury in Mice: Involvement of TLR4, Nrf2, and PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathways", Inflammation, vol. 40, issue 5, pp. 1742–1752, 2017. telluric.pdf