Personal Statement

Sabry Ahmed Mousa– Assitant prof.(Ph. D.), Veterinary Medicine,

Cairo University

I was brought up and lived in a country where animals play an important role in every

day's life. Buffalos and other beasts of burden are considered the main and only source of income for some families. These animals are loved and cherished by farmers as one of their own children or even more.


The sight of a whole family mourning over the loss of a buffalo made me grow to

appreciate the importance of working animals realizing how dependent large numbers of  families were on their well being. This incident was the turning point of my life; it is when I decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine as a field where I can make a difference.


I graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine, Cairo University Egypt with one of the  highest grades of my class (12 out of 600). Immediately after graduation, I was hired as a faculty member of internal veterinary medicine.

In 2008, I was awarded my master degree in sheep  medicine, and in 2011, I received my Ph.D. in cattle medicine . My Ph.D. research dealt with the clinical studies on cellular and biochemical constituents of rumen liquor and blood in cattle


Besides research work, my duties as a faculty member also involve tutoring undergraduate and graduate internal medicine students. My teaching interests are general medicine, equine medicine, and bovine medicine. It is my belief that teaching is one of the most significant professions of all time and that all ultimate professions emanate from imparting knowledge to students in the classroom. To me, the most gratifying experience of being a teacher is to disseminate scientific knowledge in an easy, simple, comprehensible, explicit and accessible way. Although, my real success is to impart and transfer the concept of dedication, responsibility, love, passion, compassion and selfless service to these future veterinarians to alleviate distress of both owners and animals hoping to make a difference.


Working as a faculty member, I was assigned as well shifts in the university’s veterinary teaching hospital. I was able to serve, learn, get trained and train undergraduate students in this hospital. My job in its mixed animal clinic has helped shape for me a clear view of the profession. Each case admitted to the teaching hospital is handled with individual attention. I have been able to observe and assist in many critical situations and procedures and work very  hard in spite of the extremely poor facilities, lack of advanced up to date diagnostic tools and necessary resources

The nature of my current job has taught me to manage and balance a busy schedule, to be a  team worker, to enjoy interacting with different people, students, faculty staff, colleagues,  veterinary technicians and patient owners. I have learned as well, to develop an understanding  of the work and the dedication required to achieve success and maintain a constant drive for excellence.