Finite element analysis of tidal currents over the red sea

Abohadima, S., and K. Rakha, "Finite element analysis of tidal currents over the red sea", Hydrology, science publishing group, vol. 1, issue 2, pp. 12-17, 2013.


Hydrodynamic models represent the core of any simulation for water quality, siltation, and morphology studies. In this study a finite element model was setup for the Red Sea to predict the tidal currents and tidal water level variations. The boundary for the model is located at the Straits of Bab-al-Mandeb. The model was simulated using two dimensional depth averaged model with an element size varying from 15 km to less than 1 km. The model was shown to provide good results for the water level variations at many stations in the Red Sea.

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