Dr. Riham salah el dine was graduated at 1998 from Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University with a general grade excellent with honor. Afterward she worked as teaching assistant in department of pharmacognosy, cairo university in the period between 1998 untill 2003 at this time she obtained her master degree in pharmacognosy. From 2003 till 2004 she worked as assistant lecturer in department of pharmacognosy, Cairo university.  At 2004 she was enrolled as PhD student in institute of natural medicine in Toyama. She worked for 3 years under the supervision of professor Dr. Masao hattori till he got the PhD. After taking the PhD she was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship in the same laboratory for 6 months. At 2008 and till now she is working as assistant professor in department of pharmacognosy, Cairo university.

Research Field;

The study of the role of phytochemicals in the discovery of valuable solutions for diseases affecting the Egyptian`s health and consequently the economic productivity such as cancer, liver, kidney failure and hepatitis C virus (HCV).

  1. Development of biologically active lead compounds from natural origin. 
  2. Computer based design and semi-synthesis of enzyme inhibitors such as viral proteases inhibitors
  3. Production of natural products using plant biotechnology.
  4. Structure elucidation of natural products