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El-Aleam, A. R. H., R. F. George, K. J. Lee, A. B. Keeton, G. A. Piazza, A. A. Kamel, M. E. El-Daly, G. S. Hassan, and H. M. Abdel-Rahman, "Design and synthesis of 1,2,4-triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine derivatives as PDE 4B inhibitors endowed with bronchodilator activity", Archiv der Pharmazie, vol. 352, pp. 1900002, 2019.
El-Aleam, R. A. H., A. M. Sayed, M. N. Taha, R. F. George, H. H. Georgey, and H. M. Abdel-Rahman, "Design and synthesis of novel benzimidazole derivatives as potential Pseudomonas aeruginosa anti-biofilm agents inhibiting LasR: Evidence from comprehensive molecular dynamics simulation and in vitro investigation", European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 241, pp. 114629, 2022.
Ghanem, N. M., F. Farouk, R. F. George, S. E. S. Abbas, and O. M. El-Badry, "Design and synthesis of novel imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine based compounds as potent anticancer agents with CDK9 inhibitory activity", Bioorganic Chemistry, vol. 80, pp. 565–576, 2018.
Osman, E. E. A., N. S. Hanafy, R. F. George, and S. M. El-Moghazy, "Design and synthesis of some barbituric and 1,3-dimethylbarbituric acid derivatives: A non-classical scaffold for potential PARP1 inhibitors", Bioorganic Chemistry, vol. 104, pp. 104198, 2020.
Farouk, A. K. B. A. W., H. A. Allam, E. Rashwan, R. F. George, and S. E. - S. Abbas, "Design and synthesis of some new 6-bromo-2-(pyridin-3-yl)-4-substituted quinazolines as multi tyrosine kinase inhibitors", Bioorganic Chemistry, vol. 128, pp. 106099, 2022.
Mohamed, A. R., A. E. M. Kerdawy, R. F. George, H. H. Georgey, and N. A. M. Gawad, "Design, synthesis and in silico insights of new 7,8-disubstituted-1,3-dimethyl-1H-purine-2,6(3H,7H)-dione derivatives with potent anticancer and multi-kinase inhibitory activities", Bioorganic Chemistry, vol. 107, pp. 104569, 2021.
George, R. F., N. S. M. Ismail, J. Stawinski, and A. S. Girgis, "Design, synthesis and QSAR studies of dispiroindole derivatives as new antiproliferative agents", European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 68, pp. 339-351, 2013. eur._j._med._chem._68_339-351_2013.pdf
Abo-Ashour, M. F., W. M. Eldehna, R. F. George, M. M. Abdel-Aziz, M. A. H. M. O. U. D. M. ELAASSER, N. A. M. Gawad, A. Gupta, S. Bhakta, and S. M. Abou-Seri, "Design, synthesis and whole cell phenotypic evaluation as a novel class of antimicrobial agents. ", European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 160, pp. 49-60, 2018.
Amin, K. M., G. H. Hegazy, R. F. George, N. R. Ibrahim, and N. M. Mohamed, "Design, synthesis, and pharmacological characterization of some 2‐substituted‐3‐phenyl‐quinazolin‐4(3H)‐one derivatives as phosphodiesterase inhibitors", Archiv der Pharmazie, vol. 354, pp. e2100051, 2021.
Seliem, I. A., S. S. Panda, A. S. Girgis, Y. I. Nagy, R. F. George, W. Fayed, N. G. Fawzy, T. S. Ibrahim, A. M. M. Al-Mahmoudy, R. Sakhuja, et al., "Design, synthesis, antimicrobial, and DNA gyrase inhibitory properties of fluoroquinolone–dichloroacetic acid hybrids", Chemical Biology & Drug Design, vol. 95, pp. 248-259, 2020.