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Mabied, A. F., A. S. Girgis, E. - S. M. Shalaby, R. F. George, B. E. - D. M. El-Gendy, and F. N. Baselious, "Stereoselective Synthesis, Structural and Spectroscopic Study of 4,5,11- Triazatricyclo[*2,6*]Undec-5-ene", J. Heterocyclic Chem., vol. 53, pp. 1074-1080, 2016.
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Mohamed, A. R., A. E. M. Kerdawy, R. F. George, H. H. Georgey, and N. A. M. Gawad, "Design, synthesis and in silico insights of new 7,8-disubstituted-1,3-dimethyl-1H-purine-2,6(3H,7H)-dione derivatives with potent anticancer and multi-kinase inhibitory activities", Bioorganic Chemistry, vol. 107, pp. 104569, 2021.
Mohamed, A. R., H. H. Georgey, R. F. George, W. I. El-Eraky, D. O. Saleh, and N. A. M. Gawad, "Identification of some novel xanthinebased derivatives with bronchodilator activity", Future Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 9, issue 15, pp. 1731-1747, 2017.
Mohammed, E. Z., W. R. Mahmoud, R. F. George, G. S. Hassan, F. A. Omar, and H. H. Georgey, "Synthesis, in vitro anticancer activity and in silico studies of certain pyrazole-based derivatives as potential inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinases (CDKs)", Bioorganic Chemistry, vol. 116, pp. 105347, 2021.