Mahmoud Mohamed Aly Rezk.

Personal Data

  • Mobile    : +2-01113544781
  • E-Mail    : 
  • Nationality       : Egyptian.
  • Current job: Assistant lecturer at radiology department, NCI, Cairo University hospitals, Egypt.
  • Work address: National Cancer Insitute, Radiology Department, Fum el-khalig, Cairo, Egypt.


  • 2013:

    Master of Radiodiagnosis

    (M.Sc) in diagnostic and interventional radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University

  • 2009:
    Bachelor of Surgery and Medicine

    (M.B.B.Ch), Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University


    excellent with Honors

  • 200/2001: High School Certificate  Alsaidea secondary school (one of the first 300 students all over Egypt secondary schools 2001), Care

    outstanding students,

    top student

    at the stage of primary and secondary education.

Internship and Residency:

  • House Officer/Internship year:Cairo University hospitals

    2009-2010 with 2 months round rotations as follow: 2 months in pediatric hospital, 2 months in gynecology and obstetrics hospital , 2 months in emergency hospital , 2 months in internal medicine hospital , ophthalmology department ( 1 month) and radiology department (1month).

  • Residency: 

    Starting since 2010-2011 with round rotations in the following

    Cairo University hospitals

    : tropical and GIT department (3 months), internal medicine hospital and outpatient clinics (3 months), Chest department and its ICU units (3 months), nuclear medicine department (3 months), Radiology department (4 months): ultrasound and Doppler unit, Chest Unit, GIT unit, female unit, angiographic and interventional unit, pediatric hospital radiology department (Abu-Elreish), National Cancer Institute (NCI) radiology department (starting from 2011 till now): female imaging unit, interventional and vascular imaging unit, body (chest, abdomen and pelvis) imaging unit, head and neck imaging unit, ultrasound and Doppler unit, musculoskeletal imaging unit and pet CT unit.


  • Tropical and GIT department, Internal medicine hospital, chest department experiencing clinical training in inpatient and outpatient clinic with focusing on both radiological and clinical aspects.
  • Nuclear medicine department

    : experiencing interpretation and evaluation of different isotope scans.

  • Cairo University hospitals

    (radiology departments): training on interpretations of Doppler and ultrasound images, 64CT, 1.5 MRI images and conventional radiography different examinations (Chest, GIT, female, MSK, urogenital and CNS units as well as internal medicine and pediatric hospitals).

  • National Cancer Institute (NCI)

    radiology department: including interpretation of the 64 multislice


    , 1.5 T


    different examinations,




    examinations (including the patients examination and interpretation of their images), different

    digital mammography

    including interpretation of the images combined with ultrasound examinations (and the new installed dual energy contrast (


    ) mammography GE), observing and sharing and doing different types of

    interventional procedures

    and biopsies, sharing in the interpretation of

    PET CT

    examinations since march 2014.

  • Alfa medical radiology centers

    (which are the best and biggest centres in Egypt) since 2011 till present: training on interpretations of 3T MRI examinations, CT (Multislice 64, 256 , 320) and digital radiography with their different examinations.


  • Very Good English written and spoken.
  • Fluent Arabic written and spoken (native language)

Conferences, Meetings, Courses and workshops:

  • Basic ALS course.
  • Quality control course.
  • Residency program how to attain good performance course.
  • Ultrasound-duplex course 2 months.
  • Scientific research ethics course.
  • Effective presentation skills course.
  • Project preparation for competitive research funding course.
  • Recent trends in teaching course.
  • Organizing scientific conferences course.
  • International publication for Scientific Research course.
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound course ECR 2014, Vienna, Austria.
  • ESOR/ESTRO Course on multidisciplinary cancer management,Vienna, Austria 2014.
  • NCI annual conference 2013 and 2014.
  • Female and breast imaging annual meeting 2014.
  • ECR 2013.
  • ECR 2014.
  • ECR 2015.

Posters and Publications:

  • Master degree thesis:

    The role of dual energy contrast mammography in improving the accuracy of conventional sono-mammography in evaluation breast lesions.

    M. M. Aly Rezk

    , N. M. Abdel Razek, M. H. Helal; Omar Z. Youssef, published in Cairo university online library.

  • ECR 2013


    • The role of dual energy contrast mammography in improving the cancer detection rate in evaluation of indeterminate breast lesions (BIRADS 3 & 4) in dense breasts. N. M. Abdel Razek,

      M. M. Aly Rezk,

      M. H. Helal; Cairo/EG. DOI: 10.1594/ecr2013/C-2222.

    • The role of breast tomosynthesis versus digital mammography . Marwa.A. Shaaban, presented by 
      M. M. Aly Rezk;

      Cairo/EG. DOI: SS1702/ecr2013/b-0816.

    • ECR 2014:
      • The role of diffusion weighted sequences in evaluation the musculoskeletal tumors in pediatrics age group. S. Osman,

        M. M. A. Rezk,

        N. M. A. Anwar, Y. M. Labib; Cairo/EG 10.1594/ecr2014/C-1200.

      • The role of DECM (dual energy contrast enhanced mammography) versus US elastography in characterisation of breast lesions, M. H. Helal, A. M. Abdel Mottleb,
        M. M. A. Rezk;

        Cairo/EG, 10.1594/ecr2014/C-0910.

      • ECR 2015:
        • The potential role of high resolution ultrasound in evaluation of ankle sports injuries; a comparative study with high field MRI, M. A. O. Kasem,

          M. M. A. Rezk

          , H. M. El-Azizi; Cairo/EG. 10.1594/ecr2015/C-0324.

        • The additive role of diffusion weighted imaging in assessment of uterine cervical cancer patients compared to normal uterine cervix. A. M. A. M. Aly,
          M. M. A. Rezk,

          A. Baiomy, H. Wahba, Y. L. M. Moustafa; Cairo/EG, 10.1594/ecr2015/C-1373.

        • The potential role of MRI DTI in assessment of normal appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis patients, F. Shaker, A. El-Basmy, H. Samir,
          M. M. A. Rezk,

          Y. L. M. Moustafa, M. Elazab, A. S. Awad; Cairo/EG, 10.1594/ecr2015/C-0430.


Professional memberships

  • Egyptian society of radiology.
  • Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).
  • European Society of Radiology (ESR).