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Conference Paper
Bakeer, A. M., I. B. Shaheed, E. G. S. A. Sherein, R. M. S. Korany, and N. M. Ragaa, "EXPERIMENTAL INDUCTION OF HYPERTHYROIDISM IN FEMALE BALADI GOATS WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SOME BIOCHEMICAL AND PATHOLOGICAL PARAMETERS", 1st international scientific Conference of Pathology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo- Egypt, April 25-27, 2013.
Zaki, M. M., W. A. A. El-Ghany, M. M. Hady, and R. M. S. Korany, "Immunomodulatory effect of some natural herbal feed additives in broilers. ", The 19th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, Potsdam, , Germany, 26-29 August, , 2013.
Hady, M. M., M. M. Zaki, W. A. A. El-Ghany, and R. M. S. Korany, "Potency of some phytobiotic feed- additives on zootechnical performance, carcass traits and intestinal health of broiler chickens. ", The 19th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, , Potsdam, , Germany, 26-29 August, , 2013.
Journal Article
El-Ashmawy, W. R., S. A. Mousa, E. E. Ibrahim, and R. M. S. Korany, "Clinical Study on Egyptian Cattle Affected With Recent Isolate of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus SAT2/2012 ", International Journal of Livestock Research,, vol. 4, issue 2, 2014.
Korany, R. M. S., M. K. Derbala, T. E.Mosallam, and M.Fadel, "Diagnosis of Granulosa Cell Tumors in Arabian Mares by Ultrasonography, Hormonal Profile and Histopathology", Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, vol. 8, issue 3, pp. 327-332, 2020.
Korany, R. M. S., K. S. Ahmed, H. E. A. Halawany, and K. A. Ahmed, "EFFECT OF LONG-TERM ARSENIC EXPOSURE ON FEMALE ALBINO RATS WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE PROTECTIVE ROLE OF SPIRULINA PLATENSIS", Exploratory Animal and Medical Research, vol. 9, issue 2, pp. 125-136, 2019.
Abdelhakim, K. M., and R. M. S. Korany, "Experimental Infection of Dogs with Attaching- Effacing E.coli Identified by PCR: Clinical, bacteriological and Pathological Studies.", Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, vol. 8, issue 2, pp. 2685-2692, 2017. 302.pdf
Abdelhakim, K. M., R. M. H. Arab, A. A. Abou Zeid, A. Samir, and R. M. S. Korany., "Experimental Salmonellosis in Dogs: Clinical, Bacteriological and Pathological studies", Life Science Journal, vol. 11, issue 10, pp. 1176-1181, 2014.
Madkour, D. A., M. M. Ahmed, S. H. Orabi, S. M. Sayed, R. M. S. Korany, and H. K. Khalifa, "Nigella sativa oil protects against emamectin benzoate-Induced neurotoxicity in rats.", Environmental toxicology, vol. 36, issue 8, pp. 1521-1535, 2021. Abstract

This study evaluated the ameliorative impact of Nigella sativa oil (NSO) on emamectin benzoate (EMB) neurotoxicity. Thirty-five male rats were randomly allocated into 5 groups (n = 7). G1 (control): received distilled water; G2: received NSO (3 ml. Kg B.W.) for 6 weeks; G3: received EMB (9 mg kg B.W.) for 6 weeks; G4: was co-treated with NSO and EMB for 6 weeks; G5: was treated with EMB for 4 weeks then, received NSO for 2 weeks. All treatments were given orally every other day. EMB increased serum urea, creatinine levels; brain dopamine, serotonin, malondialdehyde levels; brain expression levels of caspase 3 and TNF-α. While, it decreased serum total protein, albumin, brain GABA, AChE, GSH-Px, CAT, and SOD levels. Histopathological findings revealed hemorrhage, congestion, severe degeneration, and edema of the brain tissues. NSO reversed the EMB-induced biochemical and histopathological alterations. This NSO effect is mostly due to its antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and antiapoptotic activities. These findings suggest NSO as a potential protective and therapeutic agent for EMB-induced neurotoxicity.

Korany, R. M. S., K. S. Ahmed, H. E. A. Halawany, and K. A. Ahmed, "Pathological and Immunohistochemical Studies on the Ameliorating Effect of Spirulina Platensis against Arsenic Induced Reproductive Toxicity in Female Albino Rats", International Journal of Veterinary Science, vol. 8, issue 2, pp. 113-119, 2019.
Bakeer, A. M., I. B. Shaheed, S. A. Sherein, R. M. S. Korany, and N. M. Ragaa, "Spontaneous Pathological Affections of Thyroid Glands in Different Animal Species with Special Reference to Related Biochemical Paramete Egypt", J. Comp. Path. & Clinic. Path,, vol. 25, issue 1, pp. 131-147, 2012.
Bakeer, A. M., S. B. Iman, and R. M. S. Korany, "Survey on Lesions of Urinary System in Donkeys (Equus asinus)", . Egypt J Comp Path Clinic Path,, vol. 21, pp. 147-166, 2008.