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Abdel-Mohsen, M. A., and A. A. Rashedy, "NITROGEN AND POTASSIUM UPTAKE AND UTILIZATION OF FOUR GRAPEVINE ROOTSTOCKS", J. Plant Production, Mansoura Univirsity, vol. 6, issue 12, pp. 1941 - 1956, 2015. Abstractnitrogen_and_potassium_uptake_and_2.pdf

Two pot experiments were carried out during two seasons of 2014 and 2015 on
four grapevine rootstocks namely, Salt creek, Freedom, 1103 Paulsen and Harmony
under shad (siran) house at pomology department, Fac. of Agric., Cairo Univ., Egypt.
This study aimed to investigate the efficiency of previous rootstocks in uptake nitrogen
and potassium nutrients as their effect on growth parameters. Four nitrogen and
potassium rates (0.0, 0.4, 0.8, and 1.2 g N or K2O/pot) were added separately in the
two separate experiments and each rate was divided into six equal doses which
added weekly. Freedom rootstock recorded the highest growth vigor parameters with
regard to shoot and root length and dry weight followed by Salt Creek rootstocks all
along both experiments. Also, Freedom recorded the highest significant leaf area in
the first season in both experiments. Moreover, Freedom rootstock contained the
highest nitrogen and potassium content in shoot and root tissues. Furthermore, the
highest nutrient dosages (0.8 and 1.2 g/pot) recorded the highest growth parameter,
chlorophyll, nitrogen and potassium content. This study showed an additional
advantage for Freedom rootstock in uptake and utilization of nitrogen and potassium

Rashedy, A. A., E. M. A. Kheshin, and A. A. M. allatif, "Histological Parameters Related to Dwarfism in Some Mango Cultivars", World Journal of Agricultural Sciences, vol. 10, issue 5, pp. 216-222, 2014. histological_parameters_related_to_dwarfism_in_some_mango_cultivars.pdf
Rashedy, A. A., H. T. Mehanna, and T. A. Fayed, Growth Evaluation of Some Grape Cultivars and Rootstocks Under Saline Stress Conditions, , Giza, Cairo, 2011. abstract_e.pdf
Mehanna, H. T., T. A. Fayed, and A. A. Rashedy, "Response of two grapevine rootstocks to some salt tolerance treatments under saline water conditions", Journal of Horticultural science & ornamental plants, vol. 2, issue 2, pp. 93-106, 2010. response_of_two_grape_rootstock_to_some_soil_tolerance_treatments_under_saline_irrigation_water_betaak.pdf