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Arafa, W. A. A., R. A. M. Faty, and A. K. Mourad, A New Sustainable Strategy for Synthesis of Novel Series of Bis‐imidazole and Bis‐1,3‐thiazine Derivatives, , Cairo, Cairo University, Giza,Egypt, Submitted. heterocyclic_chemistry.pdf
A. M. Faty, R., A. K. Mourad, R. M.  A. Elmotaleb, and R. M. Radewan, Synthesis, antibacterial activity, and fluorescence properties of a novel series from [2,4dioxochromen-3(4H)methyl]amino acid, , Cairo, Cairo University, Giza,Egypt, Submitted. intermed..pdf
Abu-Hashem, A. A., and R. A. M. Faty., Synthesis, Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some New 1, 3, 4-Thiadiazoles and 1, 3, 4Thiadiazines , , Cairo, Cairo University, Giza,Egypt, Submitted. current_organic_synthesis.pdf
Gomha, S. M., M. M. Edrees, R. A. M. Faty, Z. A. Muhammad, and Y. N. Mabkhot, Microwave-assisted one pot three-component synthesis of some novel pyrazole scafolds as potent anticancer agents, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2017. s13065-017-0266-4.pdf
Gaafara, A. E. - D. M., R. M. Faty, A. S. Alya, and K. M. Abu-Zieda, Synthesis of new nitrogen bases derived from the nucleic acid nitrogen base uracil in targeting the modification of the nucleic acid systems., , Cairo, bDepartment of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Cairo, University, Giza, Egypt, 2017. research_journal_of_pharmaceutical_biological_and_chemical_sciences_paper_alaa__rasha1.pdf
Muhammad, Z. A., M. M. Edrees, R. A. M. Faty, S. M. Gomha, S. 4 Alteraryd, and Y. N. Mabkhotd, Synthesis, Antitumor Evaluation and Molecular Docking 2 of New Morpholine Based Heterocycles, , , Egypt, Cairo University, 2017. molecules-205113-peer-review-r1.pdf
El-Hashash, M. A. E. - A., M. E. Azab, R. A. E. - A. Faty, and A. E. - G. E. Amrc, Synthesis, Antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Some New Benzoxazinone and Quinazolinone Candidates , , Cairo, Egypt, Cairo University; Giza , 2016. rasha_-_azab.pdf
Faty, R. M., A. M. Gaafar, and A. M. S. Youssef, Selective cyclization of S‑substituted imidazolethione: synthesis of polysubstituted imidazothiazoles, , Cairo-Egypt, Cairo university, 2015. iranian.pdf