Rasha Hassan was born on June 12, 1978 in Egypt. On 1995, she studied at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (Cairo, Egypt). On May 2000, she graduated with an excellent honors grade, 

Rasha joined the faculty at the Organic Chemistry department as a lecturer assistant,
teaching laboratory Organic Chemistry to the pharmacy students. Simultaneously, she carried out research in organic synthesis to earn her Master’s degree, awarded in May 2005.
Since May 2011 she has continued her research toward a Ph.D. as a visiting scholar in the laboratory of Professor Douglass F.Taber at the University of Delaware.

She is interested in  Organic synthesis focusing on the construction of organic compounds with very interesting pharmaceutical properties from other compounds having vastly different properties,. the study of organic intermediates formed in each step of synthesis as it is the key factor for understanding the progress of the reaction. The study of the reaction mechanisms and the use of modern and comprehensive organic synthesis approaches