Signals Processing


2nd Year - Undergraduate Students

El-Bahnasawy, R. A. K., I. A. El-Azab, and H. M. Onsi, "Optimizing Web-based Virtual Reality Models", 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, SDA’10, 2010 IEEE, Cairo, pp. 990-994, Cairo University Conference Center, 29 November, 2010. Abstract

Optimizing the virtual reality model is a necessity to cope with the nature of the World Wide Web. Virtual reality scenes should load within an acceptable time for the user’s experience and the sense of being immersed in the virtual environment is not to be affected. In this study, we propose to optimize web-based virtual reality models by removing redundant objects within the scenes, while keeping the model readable to webauthors and modelers. The achieved reductions in the model file size and in the model parsing time
were further reduced by introducing structure and appearance tolerance.

Internet Technology


3rd Year - Undergraduate Students

Offered 2006, 2007

Wireless Networks


4th Year - Undergraduate Students

Offered: 2006, 2007

El-Bahnasawy, R. A. K., Optimization of Virtual Reality Modeling Criteria for Web-based Systems, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2011.