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Impact of nucleotide enriched diets on the production of gilthead seabream, Sparus aurata fingerlings by modulation of liver mitochondrial enzyme activitity, antioxidant status, immune gene expression, and gut microbial ecology, El-Nokrashy, A. M., El-Banna R. A., Edrise B. M., Abdel-Rahim M. M., Jover-Cerda M., Tomas-Vidal A., Prince A., Davies S. J., El-Haroun ER, and Goda A. M. A. - S. , Aquaculture, Volume 535, Issue 736398, (2021) aquaculture.pdf
Hypoglycemic efficacy of Rosmarinus officinalis and/or Ocimum basilicum leaves powder as a promising clinico-nutritional management tool for diabetes mellitus in Rottweiler dogs, Abdelrahman, Noha, El-Banna Ramadan, Arafa Mahmoud M., and Hady Maha M. , Veterinary World, Volume 13, Issue January-2020, p.73-79, (2020) 11.pdf
Partial and total replacement of fishmeal by cheaper plant and animal proteins with NucleoforceFish™ supplementation in diets for Sparus aurata influence fish performance, wholebody composition, and amino acid profile, El-Nokrashy, Asmaa M., El-Banna Ramadan A., Edris Bahgat M., Abdel-Rahim Mohamed M., Cerda Miguel Jover, Vidal AnaTomas, Mohamed Radi A., and Goda Ashraf MAS , AACL Bioflux, Volume 13, Issue 2, p.1152-1167, (2020) 2020.1152-1167.pdf
Assessment of zootechnical, immune and tissue selenium statuses of broiler chickens in response to dietary Nano-sodium selenite supplementation, Hady, Maha M., A. El-Banna R., and El-Kady Mohamed S. , Egyptian veterinary Poultry Association Conference from. Egypt, 4 to 7 December, Egypt, (2017)
Effect of Dietary Inclusion of Guar Meal with or without β-mannanase Supplementation on Broiler Performance and Immunity, El-Masry, Khaled N., Ragaa Naela M., Tony Mohammed A., and El-Banna R. A. , Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, Volume 16, Issue 5, p.341-350, (2017) Abstract

Abstract: Objective: The current study was conducted to investigate the effect of dietary inclusion of 5% Guar Meal (GM) as a partial replacement for soybean meal (SBM) with or without β-mannanase enzyme (0.03%) on performance, carcass traits, blood biochemical and histological picture of intestine as well as immunity parameters of broilers. Materials and Methods: In this study, about 496 one-day-old male broiler chicks (Ross 308) were divided to 4 groups with 4 replicates of 31 chicks each. The trial continued for 35 days. The data were analyzed as 2×2 factorial arrangement in a completely randomized design. Results: The results showed that body weight gain (BWG), dressed weight (DW), thigh weight and breast weight were significantly lowered in birds fed diet containing 5% GM than those fed SBM diet (p<0.05). Villus height were significantly (p<0.05) reduced in birds fed diet containing 5% GM compared with those fed SBM. β-mannanase supplementation of GM diet significantly improved BWG, DW, breast weight, thigh weight, feed conversion ratio (FCR), villus height and increased thymus and bursa lymphocyte number (p<0.05). Conclusion: The results demonstrated that GM could be used at 5% of broiler diet with β-mannanase supplementation without adverse effects on growth performance and blood biochemistry.

The Effect of Two Levels of Fat and Salmon Oil on Puppies' Growth and Nutrients' Absorption, Abdelrahman, Noha, Melegy T. M., El-Banna R., and El-Zeini Samia , International Journal of Innovative Research & Development , Volume 5, Issue 12, p.117-125 , (2016)
Influence of dietary selenium fed as nano-particles on performance and antioxidant status of broiler chickens in comparison to other selenium sources, El-Banna, R. A., Hady M. M., El-Kady M. S., and Prince A. M. , Journal of Stem Cells and Molecular Biology, Volume 11, Issue 3, (2016)
Effects of a Monocomponent Protease on Performance Parameters and Protein Digestibility in Broiler Chickens, N.F., Kamel, Naela Ragaa M., El-Banna R. A., and Mohamed F. F. , Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia, December 2015, Volume 6, Romania, p.216-225, (2015)
Impact of reduced protein diets based on ideal amino acid profile on performance and egg quality traits of laying hens, Anwar, Shaimaa R., Hady Maha M., Elbanna R. A., and Melegy T. M. , International journal of Science, technology & management, Volume 4, Issue 4, (2015)
Performance of heat stressed dairy cows in response to Saccharomyces cervicae and Mannanoligosaccharids feed additives under Egyptian conditions, M.M.Hady, T.M.Melegy, A. El-Banna R., and Fahmy K. , The International British Society of Animal Association (BASA), 16-18 April, Nottingham, England, (2013)
Shaimaa, R. Anwar., Maha, M. Hady., R. A. Elbanna and H. M. Teleb (2012) Impact of dietary supplementation of rumelac® and rumensin® on fattening Barki Lambs performance under Egyptian conditions , Shaimaa, Anwar R., Maha Hady M., Elbanna R. A., and Teleb H. M. , International Conference of Animal Nutration (ICAN), 24-26 April , Malaysia, (2012)
Evaluation of Mannanoligosaccharide (Bio-Mos®) and esterified glucomannan (MTB-100®) dietary supplementations on growth performance, serum parameters and rumen ecology of Barki lambs under Egyptian environment, M.Hady, Maha, A. El-Banna R., M.Teleb H., and A. Shimaa R. , International Conference on Agricultural, Food and Animal Sciences, 22 July , Singapore, (2012)
Effect of feeding heat-treated full-fat soybeans on carp performance, H.M.Teleb, M.Hady Maha, and Banna R.El , Vet.Med.J.Giza, Volume 40, Issue 1, p.111-120, (1992)
Influence of dietary supplementation of virginiamycin and /or nicotinamide on performance and carcass characteristics of heavy turkey strain, M.Hady, Maha, and Banna R.El , 32nd Science Week, Supreme Science Council of Syrian Arab Republic, Syrian Arab Republic, (1992)
Performance and tissue residue of tilapias fed dietary aflatoxin, Banna, R.El, H.M.Teleb, M.Hady Maha, and M.Fakhry Fatma , Vet.Med.J.Giza.: (1992)., Volume 40 (, Issue 3, p.17-23, (1992)
Practical approach to fat inclusion in broilers diets., M.Hady, Maha, Banna R.El, and H.M.Teleb , Vet.Med.J.Giza . (1992). , Volume 40, Issue 3, p.119-128, (1992)