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El Beshlawy Shahera M. O., A. A. F. A., and M. M. Shamseldean, "Description and factors affecting activities of the Gammarus sp., a crustacean predator of Culex pipiens mosquito larvae in Egypt", Egyptian J. Biol. Pest. Cont.(Egypt), vol. 19, no. (2), pp. 99–104, 2009. Abstract
Abu-Shady, N. M., M. M. Shamseldean, N. A. Abd-Elbary, Stock, and S. and P., "Diversity and distribution of entomopathogenic nematodes (Heterorhabditidae and Steinernematidae) in Egypt", The 50th annual meeting of the society of Nematologists, Corvallis, Oregon from July 17-20. J. Nematol.(USA), vol. 43, no. 3–4, pp. 224, 2011. Abstract
N. A., A. - E., M. S. Shamseldean, S. P. Stock, Abu-Shady, and N. M., "Diversity of entomopathogenic nematode species (Heterorhabditidae and Steinernematidae) in Egypt", Egyptian Journal of Agronematology, (Egypt), vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 333–353, 2012. Abstract