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MD, A. A. N. L., G. A. M. A. MD, M. S. S. MD, A. M. M. MD, N. K. MD, and M. E. M. MD, Relation between Human Epididymis Protein 4 and endometrial pathology in women with postmenopausal bleeding, , Submitted. he4_indian_jurnal_version.docx
M.I., H., "Relationship between Socio-Economic Characteristics, Health Status and Nutritional Awareness of Pregnant Women.", 4th International - 7th Arab Conference "Managing Knowledge and intellectual capital in Higher Education institutions in Egypt and Arab World": 11-12 April, 2012. Faculty of Specific Education-Mansoura University., Submitted. Abstract
Mohamed, H. M., Warda Youssef Mohamed, Ibrahim Mohamed Attia4, and Y. A. Alsalam, "Relationship between the development of Sepsis, Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and Body Mass Index among Adult Trauma Patients at University Hospital in Cairo", Egyptian Nursing Journal, vol. Volume 11, No. 2, pp. 339-354, Submitted.
Safar, Z., and M. W. Labib, Remediation Plan for the Largest Lead Smelter in Egypt, , Submitted. Abstract
Bakeer, M. R., and E. M. M. Elleithy, "Renoprotective effect of pumpkin oil and olive oil against gentamicin sulphate induced nephrotoxicity in male albino rat", wulfenia journal, vol. 27, pp. 30-58, Submitted.
Rezq, A., A. Al-Malki, T. Kumosani, H. Fouad, H. Ahmed, F. Taha, A. Hassouna, and H. Hafez, Research Communication Dose-dependent bioavailability indicators for curcumin and two of its novel derivatives, , Submitted. Abstract
Abdel-Rahman, T. M., N. M. Khalil, M. N. Abd El-Ghany, S. A. M. Elsoud, S. M. Abbass, E. E. Sayed, M. M. Mahmoud, A. M. Mahmoud, A. M. Ebrahim, R. R. Abdel-kader, et al., Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, , Submitted. Abstract
Gheith, E. - S. M. S., S. A. Safina, O. Z. El-Badry, and M. A. A. Saboom, "Resonse of three wheat varities to nitrogen levels, seeding rate and their combinations; 4- Yield and qality", Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, vol. 11/2022, pp. 196-306, Submitted. response_of_the_wheat_varieties_to_different_nitrogen_levels_seeding_rates_and_their_combination_0.pdf
ElDeeb, A. M., H. F. Elsisi, and Y. R. Lasheen, "Response of lipids, estradiol level, and liver size to diet and high-intensity interval training in postmenopausal women with fatty liver", Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy, vol. 23, issue 2, pp. 69-76, Submitted. bullfacphysther_2018_23_2_69_248789-2.pdf
Amany EZZAT Ayad, MD, F. I. P. P., M. C. Osama H Salman, M. D. A M Ibrahim, and M. D. Guistino Varrassi, "A Response to: Letter to the Editor regarding “Influences of Gender on Intravenous Nalbuphine Actions After Major Abdominal Surgery: A Multicenter Study”", Pain and Therapy Journal , vol. 202/, issue 24 August, Submitted.
Azab, R. H., M. D. Mohamed Abdalla, M. D. Hanan Darwish, and H. Abdel Ghany, "Results of Low Grade Gliomas Single Institute Experience", Headache, vol. 11, pp. 55, Submitted. Abstract
S, E. L. H. A. B. A. S. H. Y., R. E. H. A. B. F. A. U. A. D. A. B. D. ELKODOOS, M. A. N. A. L. M. O. H. A. M. E. D. ELSAWY, and B. A. S. M. A. M. O. H. A. M. E. D. OSMAN, "A REVIEW OF MEDICAL DEVICES-RELATED PRESSURE ULCERS", IJBPAS, June, 2018, : 1133-114, vol. 7(6), pp. 1133-114, Submitted.
Al-Azizi, M. M., M. S. Al-Said, M. M. El-Olemy, A. E. Sattar, and A. S. Khalifa, Rhombifoline and 5, GDehydrolupanine from Amgym foetick 1., , Submitted. Abstract
Zhang, K., Y. Xing, G. Wang, R. Shemi, M. Duan, W. L., and X. Xie, "Ridge-furrow with film mulching practice ameliorates soil microbial metabolic activity and carbon utilization in rhizosphere soil of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)", Soils and Sediments, vol. 19, pp. 2764–2776, Submitted. zhang-2019-ridge-furrowwithfi.pdf
k abdelnaby, N., and O. A. Zekry, "Risk Factors and markers of severity of pandemic H1N1 Influenza", Egyptian journal of chest diseases, vol. 61, issue 2, Submitted.