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Fathey, A., A. Badr, and E. Nabil, The Rough P System: Simulation of Logic Gate and Basic DB Tasks using Rough P System, : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, oct, 2015. Abstract


A.Fathey, A.Badr, and E.Nabil, The Rough P System: Simulation of Logic Gate and Basic DB Tasks using Rough P System, , Cairo, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, oct, 2015. Abstract


von Flotow, L., and H. Kamal, The Routledge Handbook of Translation, Feminism and Gender, , London, Routledge, 2020. AbstractWebsite

The Routledge Handbook of Translation, Feminism and Gender provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of feminism and gender awareness in translation and translation studies today.
Bringing together work from more than 20 different countries – from Russia to Chile, Yemen, Turkey, China, India, Egypt and the Maghreb as well as the UK, Canada, the USA and Europe – this Handbook represents a transnational approach to this topic, which is in development in many parts of the world. With 41 chapters, this book presents, discusses, and critically examines many different aspects of gender in translation and its effects, both local and transnational.
Providing overviews of key questions and case studies of work currently in progress, this Handbook is the essential reference and resource for students and researchers of translation, feminism, and gender.

'This handbook is a superb resource for scholars and translators. Its finely calibrated content and structure sets a new standard for future research on gender and translation. The editors succeeded brilliantly in bringing thematic and structural coherence to chapters concerned with diverse topics and approaches and authored by a culturally diverse group of scholars. An impressive scholarly accomplishment, the handbook offers fundamental and timely readings on gender, feminist, and queer theories and translation that are highly relevant to everyone involved in translation and translation studies.'
Karin Bauer, McGill University, Canada

'A systematic and meticulous study, this fascinating volume uncovers a wealth of distinct and lively perspectives emerging in different corners of the world in a welcome addition to the literature. Agents and processes at the intersections of translation, feminism and gender are presented in a richly diverse range of contexts.'
Emilia Di Martino, Università Suor Orsola Benincasa, Italy

Book Chapter
Emad-Eldin, S., and A. Selim, "Radiology and Oculoplasty ", Oculoplastic Surgery: A Practical Guide to Common Disorders , Cham, Springer Nature, 2020.
E.Elharir, N.El-Bendary, A.Hassanien, A.Badr, A. M. M. Hussein, and V.Snasel, "Random Forests Based Classification for Crops Ripeness Stages", Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Innovations in Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications IBICA 2014, vol. 303: Springer International Publishing, pp. 205–215, 2014. Abstract


Hore, S., T. Bhattacharya, N. Dey, A. E. Hassanien, A. Banerjee, and S. R. B. Chaudhuri, "A Real Time Dactylology Based Feature Extractrion for Selective Image Encryption and Artificial Neural Network", Image Feature Detectors and Descriptors: Springer International Publishing, pp. 203–226, 2016. Abstract
Mohamed, A. K., and A. W. Mohamed, "Real-Parameter Unconstrained Optimization Based on Enhanced AGDE Algorithm", Machine Learning Paradigms: Theory and Application, Cham, Springer International Publishing, pp. 431 - 450, 2019. Abstract

Adaptive guided differential evolution algorithm (AGDE) is a differential evolution (DE) algorithm that utilizes the information of good and bad vectors in the population, it introduced a novel mutation rule in order to balance effectively the exploration and exploitation tradeoffs. It divided the population into three clusters (best, better and worst) with sizes 100p%, NP − 2 * 100% and 100% respectively. where p is the proportion of the partition with respect to the total number of individuals in the population (NP). AGDE selects three random individuals, one of each partition to implement the mutation process. Besides, a novel adaptation scheme was proposed in order to update the value of crossover rate without previous knowledge about the characteristics of the problems. This paper introduces enhanced AGDE (EAGDE) with non-linear population size reduction, which gradually decreases the population size according to a non-linear function. Moreover, a newly developed rule developed to determine the initial population size, that is related to the dimensionality of the problems. The performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluated using CEC2013 benchmarks and the results are compared with the state-of-art DE and non-DE algorithms, the results showed a great competitiveness for the proposed algorithm over the other algorithms, and the original AGDE.

ElSaadany, O. S., and M. M. Abdelwahab, "Real-Time 2DHoG-2DPCA Algorithm for Hand Gesture Recognition", Image Analysis and Processing–ICIAP 2013: Springer, pp. 601–610, 2013. Abstract
Vural, A., H. Negm, and C. Vicini, "Rebotic Surgery of Skull Base", All Around the Nose: Springer, 2020.
Mohamed, A. M., B. S. Shaheen, A. M. Mohamed, A. W. Amer, and N. K. Allam, "Recent advances in the use of silicon-based photocathodes for solar fuel production", Advances in Silicon Solar Cells: Springer, 2018.
Abdel-Latif, M. M. M., "Recent developments in EFL writing fluency measurement.", In T. Muller, J. Adamson, P. Brown, S. Herder (Eds.), Exploring EFL Fluency in Asia, pp. 196-212. ., London: , Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
M.A., K., Elmahdy H.N., M. F., Shaker C.W., Refaey M.A., and R. K.W.Y., "Recognition of Heart Murmur Based on Machine Learning and Visual Based Analysis of Phonocardiography.", Intelligent Computing. SAI 2018. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing,: Springer, Cham, 2019.
Abouelnaga, S., "Reconstructing Gender in Post-Revolution Egypt", Rethinking Gender in Revolutions and Resistance: Lessons From the Arab World. Eds. Maha El Said, Lena Meari and Nicola Pratt, London, Zed Books, 2015.
Wahba, A. H., A. Hussein, and O. Shawki, "Reconstructive surgeries enhancing fertility ", Principles and practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publisher Ltd, 2014.
Attia, N. F., S. E. A. Elashery, A. A. Galhoum, H. Oh, and I. E. E. T. Sayed, "Recyclable Porous Adsorbents As Environmentally Approach for Greenhouse Gas Capture", SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, Volume 2: Scrivener Publishing and John Wiley and Sons, 2022.
Amin, S. K., S. E. K. Sherbini, D. A. Nagi, H. A. Sibak, and M. F. Abadir, "Recycling of Ceramic Dust Waste in Ceramic Tiles Manufacture", Waste Management and Resource Efficiency, Siingapore, Springer, Singapore, 2019.
Reham Gharbia, Ali Hassan El Baz, A. E. Hassanien, and V. Snasel, "Region-based Image Fusion Approach of Panchromatic and Multi-spectral Images", Intelligent Data Analysis and Applications: Springer International Publishing, pp. 535–545, 2015. Abstract
Mohamed Tahoun, A. E. Hassanien, and R. Reulke, "Registration of Optical and Radar Satellite Images Using Local Features and Non-rigid Geometric Transformations", Surface Models for Geosciences: Springer International Publishing, pp. 249–261, 2015. Abstract
Mahgoub, O. A., "Regulated DC Power Supply with PFC”", IASTED International Conference, Power and Energy Systems, Rhodes, Greece, pp. 348-352, 2001. Abstract
Abou-Ali, H., and A. Thomas, "Regulating traffic to reduce air pollution in Greater Cairo, Egypt", Economic Incentives and Environmental Regulation: Evidence from the MENA Region, Cheltenham, Edward-Elgar, 2012.
Sahba, F., H. R. Tizhoosh, and M. M. A. Salama, "Reinforced Medical Image Segmentation", Computational Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Techniques and Applications: Chapman and Hall/CRC, pp. 327–345, 2009. Abstract
Abou Samrah, R., and K. Shaalan, "The Relationship between Knowledge Sharing Climate and Conflict Resolution Styles, Knowledge Management in Organizations", Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing: Springer, 2015. knowledge_sharing.pdf