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A.A. Mostafa, K.A.Allam, K.A.Bader, and N.A.El-Dib, "Recent Toxicolgical Studies on adult housefly Musca domestica (L.) in some Egyptian governorates. ", Egypt. J. of Med. Sciences, vol. 17, issue 2, pp. 537-546, 1996.
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A.A.Koussy, H.M.Mourad, and H.A.Baraka, "A Reliable Transport Protocol for Mobile Wireless Networks", The Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT), Jordan, October, 2000.
A.Fathey, A.Badr, and E.Nabil, The Rough P System: Simulation of Logic Gate and Basic DB Tasks using Rough P System, , Cairo, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, oct, 2015. Abstract


A.Hassanien, and A.Badr, "Rough Morphology Hybrid Approach for Mammography Image Classification", International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications, vol. 7, issue 1, pp. 17-42, 2008. Abstract

The objective of this research is to illustrate how rough sets can be successfully integrated with mathematical morphology and provide a more effective hybrid approach to resolve medical imaging problems. Hybridization of rough sets and mathematical morphology techniques has been applied to depict their ability to improve the classification of breast cancer images into two outcomes: malignant and benign cancer. Algorithms based on mathematical morphology are first applied to enhance the contrast of the whole original image; to extract the region of interest (ROI) and to enhance the edges surrounding that region. Then, features are extracted characterizing the underlying texture of the ROI by using the gray-level co-occurrence matrix. The rough set approach to attribute reduction and rule generation is further presented. Finally, rough morphology is designed for discrimination of different ROI to test whether they represent malignant cancer or benign cancer. To evaluate performance of the presented rough morphology approach, we tested different mammogram images. The experimental results illustrate that the overall performance in locating optimal orientation offered by the proposed approach is high compared with other hybrid systems such as rough-neural and rough-fuzzy systems.

A.Hawana, M., H. M. E. L. Azizy, and N. M.Abdelwahab, Role of ultrasonography in evaluation of knee joint synovial lesions , , 2015.
A.Hawana, M., H. M. E. L. Azizy, and N. M.Abdelwahab, Role of ultrasonography in assessment of knee joint in patients with rheumatoid arthritis , , 2015.
A.Hegazy, M., A. Kessiba, M. A. Kawy, and A. E. Elgindy, "RP-HPLC with Time Programmed Fluorescence Detection for Quantitation of Avanafil and Dapoxetine Hydrochloride; Application to Pharmaceutical Dosage Form and Biological Fluid", journal of liquid chromatography and related technologies, vol. 38, issue 18, pp. 1660-1665, 2015. av_paper_amira_lcr.pdf
A.Kaoud, H., "Removal of Ammonia Gas Emission from Broiler Litter", Global Journal of Scientific Researches, vol. 1, issue 2, pp. 42-47, 2013. removal_of_ammonia_gas_emission_from_broiler_litter.pdf
A.M., H., R. E. M. Khateeb, H. A. Amer, S. K. A. Abou-El-Dobal2, K. E. H. Shahat, and S. W., "Response of Fasciola Free and Infected Buffaloes to CIDR Ovsynch Treatment During Summer Season with Emphasis on Sex Hormone and Biochemical Changes", J. American Science, 2011. Abstract

Improvement of buffalo fertility during summer season was our goal. One hundred and sixty three buffalo-cows were examined for parasitic infection using coprological and serological methods. All animals were subjected to gynecological examination, through rectal palpation and using ultra sonic examination to detect the ovarian and genital tract condition. Thirty one non-pregnant buffalo-cows (18 healthy and 13 infected) were selected for treatment with CIDR OvSynch protocol. Blood samples were collected from animals before, during and after treatments. Serum samples were assayed for estradiol and progesterone using RIA technique. GPT,GOT, ALP, total and direct bilirubin, T. protein and glucose were measured . The percentage of infected buffaloes in the herd was 25.77% (42/163 animal), the prevalence of Fasciola Spp. infection among buffaloes was 6.75%. In Fasciola infected buffaloes, estradiol levels were decreased and progesterone concentration was increased significantly (p<0.05). Treatment with CIDR OvSynch protocol, elevated significantly both estradiol and progesterone levels in infected animals than healthy one, elevated direct bilirubin and total protein and decreased significantly ALP and glucose in infected animals. CIDR OvSynch regimen increased the pregnancy rate in both healthy (55.6%) and infected (30.8%) buffaloes. It is concluded that infection with Fasciola had adverse effects on some sex hormone and liver enzymes imbalance and animal fertility represented in decreasing response to synchronizing agents and lowering pregnancy rate.Treatment with CIDR OvSynch protocol improved buffalo fertility and resumed ovarian activity of buffaloes during summer season.

A.Mohammed, R., M. F.El-Yamany, A. A. A. Rahman, N. N. Nassar, and M. Y.Al-Shorbagy, "Role of pERK1/2-NFκB signaling in the neuroprotective effect of thalidomide against cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in rats", European Journal of Pharmacology, vol. 895, issue 173872, 2021.
A.Nour, S., and N. A.Sabry, "Regional versus IV Analgesics in Labor", Minerva Medica, vol. 102, issue 5, pp. 353-61, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF.pdf

Aim: The aim of this study was to compare combined spinal epidural (CSE), epidural (E) and IV pethidine analgesia and their effects on the fetus, newborn and the labor course.

A.S.Mogoda, W.A.Badawy, and M.M.Ibrahim, ""Role of Anions in the Anodic Behaviour of Antimony in Aqueous Solutions" ", Bull. Electrochem., , vol. 11, pp. 231, 1995.
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A.SALAH, G.ABDEL FATTAH, Y. B. A. D. R., "Raman Spectroscopy and Low Temperature Photoluminesence Zn Sex Te1-x Ternary Alloys", Laser Science and Applications Proceeding of the 6th International Conference, vol. 7599: World Scientific, pp. pp67–81, 2007. Abstract
A.Z.Botros, M.El-Said, and D.El-Hossary, "Resolution of Coherent Sources by Antenna Arrays", Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, vol. 38, issue 6, pp. 1199-1212, 1991.
A.Z.Botros, M.El-Said, and D.El-Hossary, "Resolution of Coherent Sources by Antenna Arrays", Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, vol. 38, issue 6, pp. 1199-1212, 1991.
A.Z.M. Soliman, M.A.F. El-Manylawi, F. A. F. A. - E. G. G. T. F., "Reproductive performance of New Zealand white rabbit does fed on diets containing corn distiller’s dried grains with soluble", 3rd Mediterranean Poultry Summit and 6th International Poultry Conference, 26 - 29 March 2012, Alexandria - Egypt, pp. 118–133, 2012. Abstract
AA, H., "Reoperations following Robot-Assisted Radical Cystectomy: A Decade of Experience.", Journal of Urology, vol. 195, issue 5, pp. 1368-76, 2016.
AA, N., E. WA, and A. LS, "Retrospective Study of Vitreous Tap Technique Using Needle Aspiration for Management of Shallow Anterior Chamber during Phacoemulsification. ", Journal of Ophthalmology, vol. 2017, issue Article ID 2801025, pp. 6 pages, 2017.
AA, A. E. - F., F. AT, Sadik NA, and A. BM, "Resveratrol and curcumin ameliorate di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate induced testicular injury in rats", General and comparative endocrinology, vol. 1, issue 225, pp. 45-54, 2016.
AA, B., Z. AR, L. SA, M. WS, M. AA, S. SE, S. MM, O. A, and A. - Z. H., "The Role of Cyclins and Cyclin Dependent Kinases in Development and Progression of Hepatitis C Virus-Genotype 4-Associated Hepatitis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma", Experimental and Molecular Pathology, 2011. Abstract

{Altered cell cycle regulatory genes expression contributes to HCV-associated liver disease. We sought to assess the role of cyclins and cyclin dependent kinases (CDKs) in HCV-associated CH and HCC. Aberrant expression of cyclins A, E, D1, CDK2 and CDK4 was assessed by immunohistochemistry and differential PCR in HCV-associated CH and HCC with pericarcinomatous foci (PCF). S phase fraction (SPF) was determined by flow cytometry. Results were correlated with overall survival (OS) in HCC patients. In HCC, cyclins A, E, D1, CDK2 and CDK4 protein overexpression was detected in 52.8%, 52.8%, 69%, 47% and 58% compared to 36.1%, 33%, 56%, 27.8%, 55.6% for CH and 36.1%, 27%, 30.6%, 27%, 50% for PCF. Gene amplification was detected in 38.9%, 33% 66%, 33%, 44% of HCC compared to 27.8%, 25%, 44%, 27.8%, 36% in CH and 25%, 22.2%, 38.9%, 27%, 33% in PCF. A significant difference was reported between HCC, CH, NHT regarding cyclins A, E, D1, CDK2 (p=0.007