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Wifi, M. N., M. El-Kassas, Z. Ali‐Eldin, Y. Shimakawa, A. ‐L. Funk, S. Zaky, F. El‐Raey, G. Esmat, and A. Fontanet, "Risk of HBV reactivation with direct-acting antivirals against HCV: a cohort study from Egypt and meta-analysis of published data", Liver International, vol. 2018, issue, pp. 1-11, 2018. hbv_paper-liver_international.pdf
Wifi, A. S., T. F. Abdelmaguid, and A. I. El-ghandour, "A review of the optimization techniques applied to the deep drawing process", Proceedings of the 37th international conference on computers and industrial engineering, pp. 1111–1121, 2007. Abstract
Wong, V. S. H., and S. El-Massah, "Recent Evidence on the Oil Price Shocks on Gulf Corporation Council Stock Markets", International Journal of the Economics of Business, vol. 25, issue 2, pp. 297-312, 2018.
Wood-Harper, T., "Research methods in information systems: using action research", Research {Methods} in {Information} {Systems}, {Proceedings} of the {IFIP} {Colloquim}, {Manchester} {Business} {School}, 1-3 {September} 1984, 1985. Abstract
Woolgar, S., "Rethinking {Requirements} {Analysis}: {Some} implications of recent research into producer-consumer relationships in {IT} development", Requirements {Engineering} - {Social} and {Technical} {Issues}, London, Academic Press, pp. 201–216, 1994. Abstract
Xie, P., Z. Shi, M. Feng, K. Sun, Y. Liu, K. Yan, C. Liu, T. A. A. Moussa, M. Huang, S. Meng, et al., Recent advances in radio-frequency negative dielectric metamaterials by designing heterogeneous composites, , 2022. AbstractWebsite

Dielectric constant (ε, epsilon) is one of the basic physical parameters for materials, determining the response of materials to electromagnetic waves or electrical field; its value is generally positive. In fact, dielectric constant can also be negative, regarded as supernormal performance to some degree. The negative dielectric property has become research hotspot as an essential key for constructing metamaterials, showing unique and exotic electromagnetic properties not existing in naturally occurring materials, such as negative refraction, perfect troubles, and reverse Doppler effect. Recently, the feasibility is demonstrated to achieve negative dielectric property in conventional heterogeneous composites rather than periodic artificial arrays; drawing great attention from researchers in material science and engineering, many advances have been made and can promote the development of metamaterials and conventional electromagnetic functional materials. Here, we reviewed the recent advances in negative dielectric property designed in some heterogeneous composites, including metal composites, carbon composites, ceramic composites, conducting polymer. Besides, various strategies, including designing different microstructures, changing the working temperatures, choosing flexible matrix or fillers, electro-magnetic coupling, were summarized to precisely adjust negative dielectric property. Finally, the question unsolved and perspectives about negative dielectric property are put forward; we expect to shed light on the mechanism of negative dielectric property as well as its relationship with the material design in composition and microstructure.

Xu, Z., A. Y. Fouda, T. Lemtalsi, E. shosha, M. Rojas, F. Liu, C. Patel, W. R. Caldwell, S. P. Narayanan, and R. B. Caldwell, "Retinal Neuroprotection From Optic Nerve Trauma by Deletion of Arginase 2.", Frontiers in neuroscience, vol. 12, pp. 970, 2018. Abstract

Our previous studies have implicated expression of the mitochondrial isoform of the arginase enzyme arginase 2 (A2) in neurovascular injury during ischemic retinopathies. The aim of this study was to characterize the specific involvement of A2 in retinal injury following optic nerve crush (ONC). To accomplish this, wild-type (WT) or A2 knockout (A2) mice were subjected to ONC injury. The contralateral eye served as sham control. Quantitative RT-PCR and western blot were used to evaluate mRNA and protein expression. Retinal ganglion cell (RGC) survival was assessed in retinal whole mounts. Axonal sprouting was determined by anterograde transport of Cholera Toxin B (CTB). These analyses showed increased A2 expression following ONC. Numbers of NeuN-positive neurons as well as Brn3a- and RBPMS-positive RGC were decreased in the WT retinas at 14 days after ONC as compared to the sham controls. This ONC-induced neuronal loss was diminished in the A2 retinas. Similarly, axonal degeneration was ameliorated by A2 deletion whereas axon sprouting was enhanced. Significant retinal thinning was also seen in WT retinas at 21 days after ONC, and this was blocked in A2 mice. Cell death studies showed an increase in TUNEL positive cells in the RGC layer at 5 days after ONC in the WT retinas, and this was attenuated by A2 deletion. ONC increased glial cell activation in WT retinas, and this was significantly reduced by A2 deletion. Western blotting showed a marked increase in the neurotrophin, brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and its downstream signaling in A2 retinas vs. WT after ONC. This was associated with increases in the axonal regeneration marker GAP-43 in A2 retinas. Furthermore, A2 retinas showed decreased NLRP3 inflammasome activation and lower interleukin (IL-) 1β/IL-18 levels as compared to WT retinas subjected to ONC. Collectively, our results show that deletion of A2 limits ONC-induced neurodegeneration and glial activation, and enhances axonal sprouting by a mechanism involving increases in BDNF and decreases in retinal inflammation. These data demonstrate that A2 plays an important role in ONC-induced retinal damage. Blockade of A2 activity may offer a therapeutic strategy for preventing vision loss induced by traumatic retinal injury.

Y.M., A., and I. A.F., "Response of liver function tests to aerobic exercise in patients with type II diabetes mellitus", Medical Journal of Cairo University, vol. 78, issue 2, 2010.
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Yao, K. P. C., D. G. Kwabi, T. P. Batcho, C. V. Amanchukwu, and S. Feng, "Revealing instability and irreversibility in nonaqueous sodium–O2 battery chemistry", ChemComm., vol. 52, pp. 9691, 2016.
Yasin, G., M. Nasr, S. A. Abdel Gaber, D. Hüttenberger, and M. Fadel, "Response surface methodological approach for optimization of photodynamic therapy of onychomycosis using chlorin e6 loaded nail penetration enhancer vesicles", Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, vol. 232, 2022. AbstractWebsite
Yassa, M. M., and H. A. Hassan, "Reusable Problem Solving Components for the Insurance Domain", The International conference on Artificial intelligence & its Applications,: AUC, Cairo Egypt, 2005. Abstract
Yassen, A. A., M. F. Haridy, and M. A. Abdelaal, "Resin composite bond integrity with desensitized dentin", Egyptian Dental Journal, vol. 64, issue 1, pp. 287-297, 2018. 5-resin_composite_bond_integrity.pdf
Yassen, A. A., M. A. Abdelaal, and M. F. Haridy, "Resin composite bond integrity with desensitized dentin", Egyptian Dental Journal, vol. 64, no. 1-January (Fixed Prosthodontics, Dental Materials, Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics): The Egyptian Dental Association (EDA), pp. 835–845, 2018. Abstract
Yassin, E. F., H. M. Yassin, A. Hemeida, and M. M. Hallouda, "Real Time Simulation of Brushless Doubly Fed Reluctance Generator Driven Wind Turbine Considering Iron Saturation", IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 9925-9934, 2022. Abstract
Yassin, E. F., H. M. Yassin, A. Hemeida, and M. M. Hallouda, "Real Time Simulation of Brushless Doubly Fed Reluctance Generator Driven Wind Turbine Considering Iron Saturation", IEEE ACCESS, vol. 10, pp. 9925 - 9934, 2022.
Yehia, A. M., R. M. Arafa, S. S. Abbas, and S. M. Amer, "Ratio manipulating spectrophotometry versus chemometry as stability indicating methods for cefquinome sulfate determination", Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, vol. 153: Elsevier, pp. 231-240, 2016. Abstract
Yehia, N., F Eldemery, A. S. Arafa, A. Abd El Wahed, and A. A. El-Sanousi, "Reverse Transcription Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Assay for Rapid Detection of Avian Influenza Virus H9N2 HA Gene", Veterinary Sciences, vol. 8, issue 7, pp. 134-144, 2021. rpa_for_rapid_detection_of_avian_influenza_virus_h9n2_ha_gene.pdf