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Galal, G. H., Requirements engineering: {A} good practice, : Nature Publishing Group, 2000. Abstract
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Radwan, M., The Revolt of the Young , , 2015. AbstractWebsite

Tawfiq al-Hakim (1898–1987) is recognized as one of the most important figures in the history of modern Arabic literature. Considered a pioneer in many literary forms, including drama, novels, and short stories, al-Hakim influenced generations of Egyptian writers. The Revolt of the Young is a collection of essays originally published in 1984 that shows al-Hakim as a public intellectual addressing the ongoing conflict between generations.

Al-Hakim muses on the cultural, artistic, and intellectual links and breakages between the old and the young generations. He focuses on the young and their role in the continuing development of Egyptian society, which over the course of the last century or so has undergone foreign occupation, an experiment in parliamentary democracy within a monarchical system, a socialist revolution characterized by both successes and failures, the emergence of a dictatorial presidency, and now the development of a complex political scenario currently dominated by groups with varyingly strong ties to the tenets of Islam. Al-Hakim did not live long enough to witness the most recent phases of this elongated and often disruptive process of experimentation and change, but in his writing, he focuses on the institution that he regards as crucial to any forward progress: the family.

The essays present readers with a voice from the past, with uncanny foretelling of issues raised by the events that occurred in Egypt more than twenty years after al-Hakim’s death. Radwan’s translation, along with Roger Allen’s foreword, brings to light al-Hakim’s lucid and erudite commentary, much of it as relevant to the problems facing Egyptian youth today as it was when first published.

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Hassanien, A. E., Rough Computing: Theories, Technologies, and Applications, , USA, IGI Global USA, 2008. AbstractWebsite

Rough set theory is a new soft computing tool which deals with vagueness and uncertainty. It has attracted the attention of researchers and practitioners worldwide, and has been successfully applied to many fields such as knowledge discovery, decision support, pattern recognition, and machine learning. Rough Computing: Theories, Technologies and Applications offers the most comprehensive coverage of key rough computing research, surveying a full range of topics from granular computing to pansystems theory. With its unique coverage of the defining issues of the field, this commanding research collection provides libraries with a single, authoritative reference to this highly advanced technological topic.