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BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIM: Quality of life after liver donation must remain a primary outcome measure when we consider the utility of living donor liver transplants. In making clinical decisions on the use of transplantation for chronic liver diseases, consideration should be given to the key factors likely to affect subsequent health related quality of life. It would be beneficial for donors, if factors predicting good quality of life are identified. The aim of this study was to assess the health related quality of life changes experienced by donors following living related liver transplantation using the Short Form 36 (SF-36) questionnaire.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: Between August 2001 and December 2006, 125 adults received liver grafts from living donors at Dar Al-Fouad Hospital, Cairo, Egypt. The SF-36v2 questionnaire was applied to 30 donors after at least 6 months following donation and maximally 4 years after donation (mean±STD:3.28±1.56 years). Furthermore, 30 healthy volunteers were taken as a control group.

RESULTS: None of the donors required re-surgery and no deaths were reported. Only 4 (13.3%) donors experienced minor complications, which did not affect their quality of life and had no long term effects. No significant difference was found between donors and control group when means of the Physical and Mental Component Summary were compared. The physical functioning domain was the only domain of health which showed a statistically significant difference between both groups.

CONCLUSION: Health related quality of life of donors was not compromised after full recovery. All donors had good recovery and returned to regular activities within 2-4 months post donation.

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