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Khedr, R., asmaa hamoda, I. Attia, and H. Taha, "Prognostic value of interim PET among childrenwith advanced HD in developing countries CCHE experience", ASH, USA, 3 DECEMBER, Submitted.
N.A.El-Dib, "Parasitic infection of liver and G.I.T. tract in children in Egypt. ", First Annual Meeting of Egyptian Society of Pediatric Hepatology and Gasteronoenterology. , Nile Hilton Hotel, Cairo, 28 December, Submitted.
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Hamdy, N., "A Program for the Rehabilitation of Musical Education College Graduates to Proceed to Postgraduate Studies, Majoring in Piano", 19 th international conference on music education and teaching methods , london, 19-20 junuary , Submitted. khr_tdyl_llbhth_lnjlyzy_.docx
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Gouda, O. E., A. Zein, and G. M. Amer, "Parameters affecting the back flashover voltage across the overhead transmission line insulator caused by lightning", Fourteenth International Middle East Power Systems Conference Cairo, Egypt, December 19-21, 2010 (MEPCON'10)., Cairo, Egypt, Submitted. 111.pdf
y, S., A. M, A. M, and G. S, "Patterns of violent deaths associated with positive ethanol finding in eastern province, saudi arabia", Egyptian journal of forensic sciences, vol. 6, pp. 388-395, Submitted.
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Rizk, S., M. Fahim, and E. El-Zakzouk, "Peribulbar versus Sub-Tenon Block in Cardiac Patients Undergoing Cataract Surgery during Warfarin Therapy", Egyptian Journal of Anesthesia, vol. 30, issue 3, Submitted. paper_9.pdf
Fakher, W. A., A. Bakry, S. Moussa, and O. Rafaat, Perinatal psychiatric morbidity and effect on mother , : Cairo university, Submitted.
asmaa hamoda, M. O. H. A. M. M. E. D. FAWZY, E. Moussa, and A. Zaher, PET/CT and MIBG scans in diagnosis and management of Neuroblastoma, , Submitted.
ElTaweel, M. E. S., E. S. Taghreed, and H. M.Has, "Plasma Homocysteine in first episode schizophrenia ;one year outcome A prospective study", Middle East Current Psychiatry, Submitted.
Farouk, K., Enas Fakhry, Reem Jan, Mariam Onsey, and R. Khalefa, "Platelet neutrophil conjugates in diabetes mellitus: possible role in coronary artery disease", المجلة المصرية للأمراض الباطنة- 2007, vol. 4, issue 19, Submitted.
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M.Hanafy, "prelimenery investigation", journal of chemical engineering, Submitted.
Shokry', 'A., 'O. Mokhtar'', A. ' Salah', and M. ' Gomaa', "Preoperative assessment of vascular invasion in exocrine pancreatic cancer by multidetector CT", egyptian journal of radiology, vol. 44, issue 3, pp. 417-423, Submitted. 1-s2.0-s0378603x13000430-main.pdf
Mohamady, O., N. Ramadan, and H. Arnaout, "THE PREVALENCE OF HELICOBACTER PYLORI INFECTION IN DIABETIC PATIENTS AND ITS RELATION TO THE PRESENCE OF GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT COMPLICATIONS", International journal of academic research, vol. 5, issue 4, pp. 201-209, Submitted. paper_h._pylori.pdf