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Bakeer, H. G., A. M. Zamzam, M. A. Y. Abdalla, and A. I. Khalil, Phase shift module with an enhanced frequency multiplier and temperature compensation in local oscillator path, , no. 10567063: Analog Devices International UC, February, 2020. Abstract

Systems and methods for providing phase shifting in antenna arrays, such as phased antenna arrays of 5G cellular technology, are disclosed. In one aspect, an example phase shift module may include a phase shifter and a frequency multiplier. The phase shifter is configured to receive an LOcal oscillator (LO) signal and output a signal that is phase-shifted by a desired phase shift with respect to the LO signal. The frequency multiplier may be an enhanced frequency multiplier, configured to use not only the phase-shifted signal but also an inverted version of the phase-shifted signal to generate a frequency-multiplied signal having a frequency that is a multiple of the LO signal frequency. In another aspect, an example phase shift module may be configured to apply to an LO signal a phase shift that takes into consideration variations of phase shift over temperature.

Elgamil, M. A., S. KASSEM, S. Y. Khorshed, A. E. AbdAlazeem, A. M. G. Elmged, and K. G. Mostafa, Positive displacement hydraulic pumps with geometric volume controlled by control oil volume, cam and flexible and sliding followers, , 2013.
, Phd research plan, , 2018.
Abdul-Rahman1, R. S., A. S. Ghait2, A. A. A. Sherief2, and A. AboGazy2, "Postural control and balance assessment in children 15 years old with type 1 diabetes", International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences, vol. 5, issue 12, pp. 65-69, 2016. postural-control-and-balance-assessment-in-children-15-years-old-with-type-1-diabetes.pdf
Basili, V. R., and S. K. Abd-El-Hafiz, Packaging Reusable Components, , 1992. Abstract
Basili, V. R., and S. K. Abd-El-Hafiz, Packaging Reusable Components, , 1992. Abstract
Aly, H. M., Perception of Administrative Corruption in Egypt: Telephone Polls versus Face-to-Face Surveys, : Public Opinion Poll Center – Information and Decision Support Center, the Egyptian Cabinet, Cairo, 08, 2010. idsc_perception_of_administrative_corruption_in_eg.pdf
Emad-Eldin, S., A. El-Zeneini, O. Abdelaziz, and H. El-Kiki, Pituitary gland metastases from breast carcinoma: a case report, , 22 jun 2015. pitutary_metastases.pdf
El-Zawawy, M. A., and A. Jung, Priestley representations for strong proximity lattices and stably compact spaces, , Birmingham , Technical Report CSR-05-3, University of Birmingham, School of Computer Science, April , 2005. Priestley representations for strong proximity lattices and stably compact spaces.pdf
Elshamy, A. M., B. - E. M. Qamar-Eldeen, and I. M. Ali, Process Assessment in AMAN Windshield Factory, , Giza, Cairo, Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, pp. 1-35, July 12, 2015. final_gp_presentation_2.pdffinal_gp_ppt.pdf
Abdel-Mobdy, Y. E., and R. S. Yousef, Profenofos Toxicity on Cytochrome-C System and, , Giza, faculty of agriculture, pp. 433-440, 2015. pronofenfos.pdf
lotfy, and randa, A Program for Development of CriticalThinking Skills for Teacher Student Using some Electronic Education Strategies, , Giza, Kindergarten, Cairo University, pp. Research Summary, 27/4/2015. research_summary.docx
SelwanessIrene, I., R. Assaad, and M. Elsayed, "The Promise of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Jobs in Egypt", The Third Annual Conference of the Public Policy Hub, The American University in Cairo, ERF & GIZ, March 2023.
Barrada, A. M., W. C. Wheaton, and P. Annez, A Proposal for: Improving the Legal Relationships between Tenant and Landlord in Egypt, , Cairo, Egypt, CU/MIT Technology Adaptation Program, pp. 1-9, December 1979. egyption_housing_leasing_prob.pdf
Zornberg, J. G., A. M. Morsy, B. M. Kouchaki, B. R. Christopher, D. Leshchinsky, J. Han, B. F. Tanyu, F. T. Gebremariam, P. Shen, and Y. Jiang, Proposed Refinements to Design Procedures for Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Structures in AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, , Washington, D.C., National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, 2019.
Hasanin, A., N. Sherif, M. Elbarbary, and D. Mansor, "Providing medical care in unfamiliar settings; experience of an Egyptian campaign in Uganda", Pan African Medical Journal, vol. 17, pp. 111, 2014.
Ahmed, H. M. A., and S. Jone, Pulmonary Nodules and Skin Lesions in a Patient With P- ANCA Vasculitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, , Rochester, NY, 14th City Wide Poster Competition, May, 2016. lg.pdf
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