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Dawood, H., and Y. Dawood, "Parametric Intervals: More Reliable or Foundationally Problematic?", Online Mathematics Journal, vol. 1, issue 3, pp. 37-54, 2019. Abstractomj_01-03_p37-54_dawood.pdfWebsite

Interval arithmetic has been proved to be very subtle, reliable, and most fundamental in addressing uncertainty and imprecision. However, the theory of classical interval arithmetic and all its alternates suffer from algebraic anomalies, and all have difficulties with interval dependency. A theory of interval arithmetic that seems promising is the theory of parametric intervals. The theory of parametric intervals is presented in the literature with the zealous claim that it provides a radical solution to the long-standing dependency problem in the classical interval theory, along with the claim that parametric interval arithmetic, unlike Moore's classical interval arithmetic, has additive and multiplicative inverse elements, and satisfies the distributive law. So, does the theory of parametric intervals accomplish these very desirable objectives? Here it is argued that it does not.

Keywords: Interval mathematics, Classical interval arithmetic, Parametric interval arithmetic, Constrained interval arithmetic, Overestimation-free interval arithmetic, Interval dependency, Functional dependence, Dependency predicate, Interval enclosures, S-semiring, Uncertainty, Reliability.

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Moaddy, K., A. G. Radwan, K. N. Salama, S. Momani, and I. Hashim, "Parametric control on fractional-order response for Lü chaotic system", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 423, no. 1: IOP Publishing, pp. 012024, 2013. Abstract
Sherif, A., A. Mahmoud, M. ElSharkawy, and A. Eissa, "Parametric Configuration of Window Light Shelves for Daylighting of Hospital Patient Rooms under a Desert Clear Sky ", PLEA 2017, Edinburgh, U.K., PLEA, 2017.
Khalil, E. E., H. ElZomor, and M. Morsy, "Parametric Approach for Winglet in Gas Turbine Blade Tip", International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering, vol. Volume 7, issue 3, pp. 51-57, 2019.
, "Parametric approach for wheat production in Egypt and Spain", Egyptian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 26 (2), pp. 862-865., 2016.
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Abdeen, M. A. M., and S. M. Bichir, "Parametric Analysis of Beam Resting on Elastic Foundation (ANN)", Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Science (CJPAS), Canada, Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp. 1847-1853, 2012.
Mostageer, A., and A. Obeidah, "Parametres genetiques et phenotypiques des composants du poids de l'oeuf chez des Fayoumi et des Rhode Island rouges [poule].", Annales de Genetique et de Selection Animale, vol. 10, 1978. Abstract
Maamary, P. G., M. L. Sanderson-Smith, R. K. Aziz, A. Hollands, J. N. Cole, F. C. McKay, J. D. McArthur, J. K. Kirk, A. J. Cork, R. J. Keefe, et al., "Parameters governing invasive disease propensity of non-M1 serotype group A streptococci", Journal of innate immunity, vol. 2, no. 6: Karger Publishers, pp. 596–606, 2010. Abstract
eLsherpieny, E. A., S. M. Assar, and N. M. Amer, "Parameters Estimation of Generalized Extreme Value Distribution under Progressive Type II Censored", Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, vol. 01, issue 02, , pp. 68-72, 2013. generalized_extreme_value_distribution.pdf
Assar, S. M., E. A. Elsherpieny, and N. M. Amer, "Parameters Estimation of Generalized Extreme Value Distribution under Progressive Type II Censored", Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, vol. 1, issue 2, pp. 68-72, 2013. Assar paper.pdf
Elsherpieny, E. A., and A. M. Saad, "Parameters Estimation for the Two-Parameter Gamma Distribution Using Different Methods", The 46th Anrrual Conference on Statistics, Computer Sciences and Operation Research, ISSR Cario University, Egypt, 26-29 Dec., 2011. parameters_estimation_gamma.pdf
eLsherpieny, E. A., "Parameters Estimation for the Class of Weighted Weibull Distribution under Type II Censored Samples", International Journal of Science and Advanced Technology, vol. 2, issue 6, pp. 51-54, 2012. Abstractparameters_estimation_for_the_class_of_weighted_weibull_distribution.pdf

Maximum likelihood estimators for the three unknown parameters of weighted Weibull distribution and the corresponding asymptotic variance covariance matrix
are obtained under type II censored sample. Shahbaz et el. (2010) results may be considered as a special case from these results. Numerical illustrations will be carried out.

Habib, R. A., B. S. Azzam, and M. N. G. A. A. and Khattab, "The parameters affecting the cutting process performance of agricultural plants", MJAE, vol. 18, issue 2, 2001. Abstract
Gouda, O. E., A. Zein, and G. M. Amer, "Parameters affecting the back flashover voltage across the overhead transmission line insulator caused by lightning", Fourteenth International Middle East Power Systems Conference Cairo, Egypt, December 19-21, 2010 (MEPCON'10)., Cairo, Egypt, Submitted. 111.pdf
Soliman, A., D. K. Ibrahim, and O. E. Gouda, "Parameters affecting the arcing time of HVDC circuit breakers using black box arc model", IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, vol. 13, issue 4, pp. 461 – 467, 2019. AbstractWebsite

Arc interruption of high voltage direct current (HVDC) circuit breakers (CBs) is one of the main challenging factors for using HVDC grids. To evaluate the arc interrupting capability in HVDC CBs, black box arc models are used to represent the nonlinear arc conductance depending on Cassie and Mayr dynamic arc equations. Extensive simulation studies are carried out to investigate the effect of controlled and uncontrolled parameters on the CB arcing time. A real line represents a part of 500 kV electrical connection systems between Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is simulated to be a faulty load. It is found that the arcing time of the HVDC CB can be reduced by increasing the value of cooling power coefficient (p) and decreasing the value of arc time constant (τ). It is also deduced that the arcing time is reduced by the increase of the commutation capacitance value (C) and decreasing the commutation inductance (L) value and vice versa. Moreover, it is concluded that the arcing time is greatly affected by the fault location and the fault arc resistance (Rf) according to fault conditions.

kashif, M. T., A. E. - D. M. S. Hosny, M. A. E. - H. Ramadan, and A. K. M. Ahmady, "Parameters Affecting Detectability of Staphylococcus Heteroresistance to Different Antibiotics", Journal of Applied Sciences Research, vol. 7, issue 6, pp. 975-979, 2011.