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Safwat, M. H., M. M. El-Sawalhi, M. N. Mausouf, and A. A. Shaheen, "Ozone ameliorates age-related oxidative stress changes in rat liver and kidney: effects of pre- and post-ageing administration.", Biochemistry. Biokhimiia, vol. 79, issue 5, pp. 450-8, 2014. Abstract

The ageing process is known to be accompanied by increased oxidative stress and compromised antioxidant defenses. Controlled ozone administration has been shown to be effective in various pathophysiological conditions with an underlying oxidative burden. However, its effect on the biochemical alterations associated with the ageing process has been rarely studied. Therefore, the present work was carried out to study the role of ozone in counteracting the state of oxidative stress associated with ageing in rat liver and kidneys using two experimental models. In the pre-ageing model, ozone was administered prior to the onset of ageing at adulthood and continued after the start of the ageing process (3-month-old rats until the age of 15 months). While in the post-ageing model, ozone was administered after ageing has begun and lasted for one month (14-month-old rats until the age of 15 months). The pre-ageing ozone administration effectively reduced lipid and protein oxidation markers, namely, malondialdehyde and protein carbonyl levels and decreased lipofuscin pigment deposition in rat liver and kidneys. Moreover, it significantly restored hepatic and renal reduced glutathione (GSH) contents and normalized cytosolic hepatic glutathione peroxidase activity. Similar but less pronounced effects were observed in the post-ageing ozone-treated group. Nevertheless, in the latter model ozone administration failed to significantly affect liver and kidney lipofuscin levels, as well as kidney GSH contents. These data provide evidences for potentially positive effects of pre-ageing ozone therapy in neutralizing chronic oxidative stress associated with ageing in rat liver and kidneys.

Safwat, M. H., M. M. El-Sawalhi, M. N. Mausouf, and A. A. Shaheen, "Ozone Ameliorates Age-Related Oxidative Stress Changes in Rat Liver and Kidney: Effects of Pre- and Post-ageing Administration", Biochemistry (Moscow), vol. 79, issue 5, pp. 450-458., 2014. ozone_and_aging.pdf
Abu ElEla, S., E. Agathokleous, T. Sakikawa, and T. Koike, "Ozone alters the feeding behavior of the leaf beetle Agelastica coerulea (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) into leaves of Japanese white birch (Betula platyphylla var. japonica)", Environmental Science and pollution research, vol. 24, issue 21, pp. 17577-17583, 2017.
Rashed, L. A., R. M. Hashem, and H. M. Soliman, "Oxytocin inhibits NADPH oxidase and P38 MAPK in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity.", Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomédecine & pharmacothérapie, vol. 65, issue 7, pp. 474-80, 2011 Oct. Abstract

Oxidative stress significantly contributes to cisplatin (CP)-associated cytotoxicity, and use of antioxidants could counteract such cytotoxic effects of CP. The major biochemical pathway for reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation proceeds through O₂⁻ production, which is generated by NADPH oxidase, such oxidative stress can activate p38 MAPK to intensify the cytotoxic effect of CP. We mainly aimed to study the protective effect of oxytocin (OT) on CP-induced nephrotoxicity whereas; it was previously shown to have anti-inflammatory effects in different inflammation models. Administration of OT significantly decreased the gene expression of both NADPH oxidase and P38 MAPK, nitric oxide (NO), myloperoxidase (MPO), and TBARS, furthermore it increased the renal tissue levels of antioxidants; reduced glutathione (GSH), and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Histologically, OT reduced the monocellular infiltration as well as the tubular damage in CP-induced nephrotoxicity. In conclusion OT has a powerful antioxidant effect that can alleviate the CP-induced nephrotoxicity through inhibition of NADPH oxidase and P38 MAPK resulting in improvement of kidney functions.

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