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Ezzat, H. I., A. F. Hassan, and M. S. El-Soudani, "M-ary continuous phase frequency shift keying transmissions through nonlinear channels in additive Gaussian noise and cochannel interferences", Digital Communications, 1990. Electronic Circuits and Systems for Communications. Proceedings, 1990 International Zurich Seminar on: IEEE, pp. 495–511, 1990. Abstract
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Zhu, W., B. Chen, J. Yang, JR Graef, S. R. Grace, E. Tunç, H. Fu, H. Wang, Y. Kian, and M. Yamamoto, M. Kwasnicki, , Submitted. Abstract
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thesis 2010, M. D., M.Sc thesis, , Giza, Cairo University, 2001.
of Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Rainfall Distribution, C. S.: K. S. A.(K. S. A.)., M.Sc. Thesis, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2020.
Raghda, and Zakariya, thesis Abstract, , Cairo, University, 2015. mlkhs_wmstkhls_lrsl_-rgd_zkry_mhmd_hmdfinal.pdf
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Tash, M. M., F. H. SAMUEL, and S. Alkahtani, "Machinability of Heat-Treated 356 and 319 Aluminum Alloys: Methodology for Data Processing and Calculation of Drilling Force and Moment", Advanced Materials Research Journal (AMR) at © (2015) Trans Tech Publications, vol. 396-398 , pp. 1008-1022 , 2012.
Metwalli, S. M., Machine Design with CAD and Optimization, : John Wiley & Sons, 2021.